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New Action Games Apps for Windows
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SWIV 3D demoSWIV 3D demo Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 7 Dec 15
If you thought the shoot-'em-up was dead, think again. SWIV 3D (Special Weapons Interdiction Vehicle) lets you control four unique vehicles in this addictive 3D action/arcade game. Everything can be shot in this game, and the four unique vehicles of d
Categories: Games, Action Games
Screamer 2 demoScreamer 2 demo Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 7 Dec 15
Screamer 2 is a landmark in driving and features six courses from around the world that have been designed with variable conditions to put the best to the test. Feel every bone-shaking bump, every nerve-wracking jump, every mud-and-gut churning skid,
Categories: Games, Action Games
Darklight Conflict demoDarklight Conflict demo Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 7 Dec 15
The line between life and death is measured in a hair-trigger second. To survive, you have to know your enemy. To know your enemy, you first have to become him. You have been genetically altered to infiltrate; to learn and understand; to become frie
Categories: Games, Action Games
CyberMage demoCyberMage demo Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 7 Dec 15
Shut down the enemy's secret combat training facility, penetrate the main fortress, and verify NeCrom's involvement in this operation. First, jump into a tank and crush anyone who gets in your way. Then fight your way through a temple of mystic fanat
Categories: Games, Action Games
Pandemonium demoPandemonium demo Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 7 Dec 15
Pandemonium is a kinetic 3D, character-based action game starring Nikki (a wizard's protegee), her slightly deranged friend Fargus (a jester with unusual acrobatic skills), and his sidekick Sid (a demented puppet-on-a-stick with a fascination for fire, com
Categories: Games, Action Games
Time Warriors demoTime Warriors demo Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 7 Dec 15
Great civilizations of the past collide in a world of the future in this combat game. The Big Cataclysm of the Year 2000 has left the Earth in chaos, and the great Immortal Fighters of the past have returned to do battle with each other for domination. The
Categories: Games, Action Games
MDK demoMDK demo Windows Version: 3.0
Upload Date: 7 Dec 15
MDK has one of the largest playing environments of any action game. The official version offers over 60 arenas of play, spread out over six mobile mining cities. In MDK, the entire human species has been forced into slavery by evil aliens called Stream Rid
Categories: Games, Action Games
Esoteria demoEsoteria demo Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 7 Dec 15
You are Raven in this 3D, third-person perspective game. Project Raven is a secret experiment to develop a prototype for a genetically and cybernetically enhanced super soldier to safeguard Esoteria. Commander Kazan, now head of the Regime, initiated Proje
Categories: Games, Action Games
Terracide demoTerracide demo Windows Version: 0.94
Upload Date: 7 Dec 15
This game incorporates exploration, frenetic combat, and puzzle solving. Mutated ex-humans who left Earth generations ago are returning in their gigantic ships to destroy their former home world. Flying a single vessel small enough to penetrate their de
Categories: Games, Action Games
Chasm demoChasm demo Windows Version: 2.10
Upload Date: 7 Dec 15
Time channels are forming in the earth's atmosphere, destroying the normal sequence of time. Aggressive, mutating creatures penetrate these rifts from the past, present, and future. You, a soldier in a special commando unit, must pinpoint and destroy
Categories: Games, Action Games
Machine Hunter demoMachine Hunter demo Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 7 Dec 15
The year is 2084. Mars is being overrun by a horde of alien-dominated death robots planning to invade Earth. Your mission: Destroy the army of mechanized killers one by one, invade their bodies, and then use their powers to annihilate the rest of the evil
Categories: Games, Action Games
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Pandemonium demo
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