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New ActiveX Apps for Windows
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Unicus TextBox ControlUnicus TextBox Control Windows Version: 1.0.8
Upload Date: 28 Oct 15
Shareware 169.00 $
The Unicus TextBox replaces the intrinsic Visual Basic TextBox, but adds many powerful features. It is 100% compatible with existing code you have written so upgrading is easy. Supports bound or unbound mode. Use the DataType, DisplayFormat, CustomFormat,
Categories: Developer Tools, ActiveX
CSPrintingEngineCSPrintingEngine Windows Version: 1.1
Upload Date: 28 Oct 15
Shareware 4.95 $
Add print functionality to your applications. CSPrintEngine is a powerful COM component designed for software developers to have access to printing, printing made easy. No need to learn how to print from Windows, this component can do it for you! Developed
Categories: Developer Tools, ActiveX
SimpleGridSimpleGrid Windows Version: 1.0r24
Upload Date: 27 Oct 15
Shareware 109.00 $
A Very easy to use, yet powerful, ActiveX grid control. Editing of cells by either normal text input, drop-down selection list, check boxes or buttons is fully supported. Background and foreground colors are all configurable on a per-cell basis. The Simple
Categories: Developer Tools, ActiveX
Paradigm PiHyper200 ActiveX ControlParadigm PiHyper200 ActiveX Control Windows Version: 2.4
Upload Date: 27 Oct 15
Shareware 50.00 $
This multi-ActiveX control for Visual Basic serves as a real-time or dynamic database reporter that allows you to programmatically generate and print reports with two lines of code. It acts as a file dialog (supporting OLE embedding) that allows the user t
Categories: Developer Tools, ActiveX
Matrix ActiveX ComponentMatrix ActiveX Component Windows Version: 3.1
Upload Date: 27 Oct 15
Shareware 49.00 $
The Matrix ActiveX Component simplifies the use of matrix algebra in application development. It provides for matrix operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, inversion, transpose, computation of determinant, LU and Cholesky decompositions.
Categories: Developer Tools, ActiveX
Scirocco DAO Data ControlScirocco DAO Data Control Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 27 Oct 15
Shareware 30.00 $
Make Database DAO Development easy with this ActiveX control. Similar to the Scirocco ADO Data Control but designed especially for MS Access and other Jet Providers. Just drop it on your MS Access form select the RecordsetType and LockType (or leave the de
Categories: Developer Tools, ActiveX
Framework EDI ProfessionalFramework EDI Professional Windows Version: 4.3
Upload Date: 27 Oct 15
Shareware 950.00 $
Framework EDI (FREDI) is an EDI application development kit that includes an ActiveX/COM, and utilities to facilitate the development of EDI applications. FREDI provides a set of EDI functions and commands to programmers; thus resulting in writing less cod
Categories: Developer Tools, ActiveX
DBPixDBPix Windows Version:
Upload Date: 27 Oct 15
Shareware 349.00 $
DBPix is an image control for easily adding imaging capabilities to databases and data-driven applications. It can be used with images stored in database tables (bound or unbound) or with external image files. DBPix lets you handle images as easily as conv
Categories: Developer Tools, ActiveX
Query-A-RecordsetQuery-A-Recordset Windows Version: 1.2
Upload Date: 27 Oct 15
Shareware 149.00 $
Execute SQL queries on ADO Recordsets as though they existed as Tables in a Database. Query-A-Recordset allows you to perform full SQL queries on ADO Recordsets and return the results to your application. No more complex filter and find routines. No more e
Categories: Developer Tools, ActiveX
MSSMixerMSSMixer Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 27 Oct 15
Shareware 39.95 $
MSSMixer is a control for monitoring and setting audio mixers in Windows. Provided in ActiveX and (when registered) DLL variants, with source code, the control provides a simplified way of setting volumes, channels and other controls in the mixer. Two-leve
Categories: Developer Tools, ActiveX
Arcadia PowerButton COM and NETArcadia PowerButton COM and NET Windows Version: 3.2/1.5
Upload Date: 27 Oct 15
Shareware 49.00 $
Arcadia PowerButton (APB) comes with a built-in XP, Office 2003, flat, 3D, bevel, toggle, corners rounding, border selections, and 3D CoolButton appearance, as well as a built-in drop menu. APB advanced gradient color generator enables you to produce horiz
Categories: Developer Tools, ActiveX
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11.05VintaSoft Twain ActiveX Control
06.02VB6 OCX Pack
07.12Mabry Gopher Control
07.12Mabry Mail Control
07.12ASP Wizard
07.12CCRP High Performance Timer Objects
07.12TCPIP Library
07.12Real Digits ActiveX
07.12VB5-CGI Objects
07.12HyperLink Control
06.12RAS Dial Up ActiveX
06.12VB Layout
06.12Font List & Combo ActiveX
06.12AdTextBox OCX
06.12CDNotification ActiveX Control
06.12DMC2: Digital Music Control 2
06.12Tilt 1.2 MultiLabel
06.12Oxygen DirectorySpy ActiveX Control
06.12Variad BetterButton
06.12FP Ping and Traceroute Control
06.12COM Explorer
05.12WebX Lite
05.12Haptek Player
05.12AutoComplete ActiveX Control
05.12A-Soft SysOCX Control
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30.10Scanner Pro ActiveX Control
2.10Edraw Office Viewer Component
2.10EWDraw CAD Component Ultimate Edition
2.10Annotation SDK ActiveX
2.10Document Imaging SDK ActiveX Toolkit
2.10Image PDF SDK ActiveX Plug-In
2.10Image ActiveX SDK
2.10TIFF ActiveX SDK Development Toolkit
12.07Karaoke Mixer ActiveX Control
19.06Screen2Video Screen Recording ActiveX Control
19.06Video Chat Pro ActiveX Control
18.06Scanner ActiveX Control
21.05Screen2Video Gold SDK ActiveX
21.05Screen2Video Pro SDK ActiveX
6.02VideoCap Live ActiveX
6.02VideoCap ActiveX Control
6.02Movie Player Pro ActiveX Control
22.10Viscomsoft Image Viewer CP Gold SDK ActiveX
20.09Virtual Serial Port ActiveX Control
20.09WinLib System Junk Cleaner
20.09Uninstall Manager ActiveX
20.09Toolbar Cleaner ActiveX
20.09Empty Folder Cleaner ActiveX
20.09File Downloader ActiveX
20.09File Duplicate ActiveX
20.09Memory Management ActiveX
20.09Mobile Transfer SDK
20.09Recycle Cleaner ActiveX
20.09Secure Eraser
19.09Image Thumbnail CP SDK ActiveX

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