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New Adventure Games Apps for Windows
Total: 956

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Bert - The NewsreaderBert - The Newsreader Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 29 Oct 15
From the developer: Bert - The Newsreader is a 3rd person adventure game similar to the quest games from the 90's. You take control of Bert, an old newsreader who gets fired and want revenge. Help Bert to enter the ICU studio complex and to find the boss w
Categories: Games, Adventure Games
Dark OrbitDark Orbit Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 29 Oct 15
Shareware 14.99 $
From the developer: ""It's the year 2150, and you're stuck on Nibiru, the tenth planet of the solar system. As the sole survivor of a shattered mining colony, you must defend yourself from the onslaught of aliens awakening from beneath the barren world's c
Categories: Games, Adventure Games
Stick-ManStick-Man Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 29 Oct 15
From the developer: "This is a platform game set all over the world and in space too! You are Stick-Man and your mission is to get revenge on the evil gang who killed your family. Remember to read the help file at the begining. Contact me if you acually ma
Categories: Games, Adventure Games
Dungeon RogueDungeon Rogue Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 29 Oct 15
From the developer: Play a detailed dungeon crawler game. Each dungeon level is randomly generated along with many weapons, magic items, treasure, equipment and all kinds of creatures. Hoard your treasures until you get the best prices from the many kinds
Categories: Games, Adventure Games
SerpentHead RevisitedSerpentHead Revisited Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 29 Oct 15
Shareware 10.00 $
This adventure game is set in a mysterious castle, where a dragon and a demon cat guard the secret passageways. As Sir Mharim, you must infiltrate Castle SerpentHead to uncover the lost SerpentScepter, then use it to defeat the evil wizard Salorann forever
Categories: Games, Adventure Games
MistmareMistmare Windows Version: 1.4
Upload Date: 29 Oct 15
Shareware 39.99 $
The year is 1996, and the world is different: there was no industrial revolution; there are no cars or mobile phones; there is only the feeble existence of people who have to fight a land that decided it would fight back. The world is in turmoil, and large
Categories: Games, Adventure Games
Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb demoIndiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb demo Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 29 Oct 15
Shareware 39.95 $
You're Indiana Jones: legendary adventurer, daring rogue, and the most butt-kicking archaeologist the world has ever seen. It's 1935 and this time you must prevent a powerful Chinese artifact from falling into evil hands. Indy's latest globe-spanning adven
Categories: Games, Adventure Games
BraveDwarves 2BraveDwarves 2 Windows Version: 1.15
Upload Date: 29 Oct 15
Shareware 18.75 $
This time the dwarves are to pursue evil not only in the dungeons, but in the open air, too. The enemy has cherished ill-will and has gotten more sly. A lot of his minions are out to make people suffer. There are heroes who can come to the rescue of poor p
Categories: Games, Adventure Games
1893: A World's Fair Mystery1893: A World's Fair Mystery Windows Version: 2.5d
Upload Date: 29 Oct 15
Shareware 19.95 $
This adventure game is set on the grounds of the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago in which you are a detective matching wits with a criminal mastermind. It uses a rich text interface and still photos to bring the fair vividly to life, showcasing story,
Categories: Games, Adventure Games
The Trials of Guilder LiteThe Trials of Guilder Lite Windows Version: 7.6
Upload Date: 29 Oct 15
If you've ever played Westfront PC: The Trials of Guilder, you know it is a complex and large game. Some people have requested a smaller version, less complicated, and with less on screen to bother them while they play. The Trials of Guilder Lite Version f
Categories: Games, Adventure Games
Chateu le MontChateu le Mont Windows Version: 5.75
Upload Date: 29 Oct 15
An evil vampire is said to be terrorizing the nearby village. Legend has it, though, he only appears at sunset! The rewards for killing the vampire are great, but the dangers even greater still.Requirements:Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Categories: Games, Adventure Games
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