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New Adventure Games Apps for Windows
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Shattered Light demoShattered Light demo Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 6 Dec 15
The planet Delos's attempt to bind and utilize a new energy source backfires. The result is a new world filled with magic and monsters called the Laria. As humanity neared the brink of extinction, it learned that it could cast spells, and it then began to
Categories: Games, Adventure Games
Tomb Raider II Gold demo - level 2Tomb Raider II Gold demo - level 2 Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 6 Dec 15
Tomb Raider II Gold: The Golden Mask (Level 2: Fool's Gold) is the second level of Tomb Raider II Gold. In this level, Lara comes across a secret Russian government mine, long since abandoned, but populated now by mercenaries and wild animals. The Russians
Categories: Games, Adventure Games
Tomb Raider II Gold demo - level 1Tomb Raider II Gold demo - level 1 Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 6 Dec 15
In Tomb Raider II Gold: The Golden Mask (Level 1: The Cold Cold War), Lara Croft is searching for the Golden Mask of Tornarsuk, an ancient tribal artifact connected to a mysterious island in Alaska's Aleutian Straits. Lara's only lead is a blueprint of an
Categories: Games, Adventure Games
Traitors Gate demoTraitors Gate demo Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 6 Dec 15
Traitor's Gate is a first-person adventure game firmly rooted in realism, in which the location, target, and challenge are all drawn from the actual Tower of London. Without being seen or heard, and leaving no trace, Agent Raven must steal the British Crow
Categories: Games, Adventure Games
Revenant demoRevenant demo Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 6 Dec 15
Revenant is a dark fantasy role-playing and adventure game that will immerse you in a visually stunning and changing environment. Interact with more than 40 characters as you choose from a variety of weapons, spells, armor, and magical items and battle han
Categories: Games, Adventure Games
Star Trek: Hidden Evil demoStar Trek: Hidden Evil demo Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 6 Dec 15
Plunged into the wake of the events following Star Trek: Insurrection, you find yourself embroiled in a plot to harness the destructive powers of a coveted genetic seed. You must engage alien forces and outwit your foes in a series of challenging missions
Categories: Games, Adventure Games
Tomb Raider: The Lost Artifact demoTomb Raider: The Lost Artifact demo Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 6 Dec 15
The Lost Artifact demo showcases part of the game's first level (Highland Fling). The game takes place after Willard's demise in Tomb Raider III. Lara visits a Scottish castle, the Channel Tunnel, an underwater base, and the Paris Zoo in her quest for the
Categories: Games, Adventure Games
Escape from Monkey Island demoEscape from Monkey Island demo Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 6 Dec 15
Aye, there be intrigue and monkeys aplenty. When perennial pirate-wannabe Guybrush Threepwood and his new bride, Governor Elaine Marley-Threepwood, return to Melee Island, they find out Elaine has been declared dead, the Governor's mansion is to be torn do
Categories: Games, Adventure Games
Knights and Merchants demoKnights and Merchants demo Windows Version: 0.92
Upload Date: 6 Dec 15
After many battles, a former kingdom has been divided into many small principalities and earldoms. The king's troops were pushed back into one last royal province, and the rulers of the other provinces waged terrible, destructive wars against one another.
Categories: Games, Adventure Games
Fortune RaidersFortune Raiders Windows Version: 1.4
Upload Date: 6 Dec 15
Fortune Raiders is an adventure game that places you in the shoes of a master spelunker. You're Arizona Smith, world-famous cave explorer and archaeologist, on a quest to find lost treasures from an ancient civilization. When you enter caves and move obsta
Categories: Games, Adventure Games
Rob Blanc IIIRob Blanc III Windows Version: 1.2
Upload Date: 6 Dec 15
Rob Blanc, in case you didn't know by now (if you don't know, play the first two games!) is the Defender of the Universe. He flies around space in his ship, the Endeavour, side-kicked by his engineer Paul. The story of his historic appointment is told in R
Categories: Games, Adventure Games
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Tomb Raider II Gold demo - level 1
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