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Top Rated Astrology Software Apps for Windows
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The World Numerology CollectionThe World Numerology Collection Windows Version: 3.4
Upload Date: 1 Sep 16
Shareware 49.00 $
The World Numerology Collection is the largest catalog of numerology readings and charts in the world. Its the result of Decoz' 35 years developing the most popular numerology software and readings available. Download our free World Numerology app to acce
Categories: Astrology Software, Entertainment & Hobby Software
Mastro FreeMastro Free Windows Version: 5.1
Upload Date: 21 May 16
Mastro is a groundbreaking astrology software that allows you to stay creative. Its ease of use and powerful interpretation capabilities make it an essential tool for professional astrologers and rookies alike. Mastro has all the features you want in an
Categories: Astrology Software, Entertainment & Hobby Software
Wise TarotWise Tarot Windows Version: 5.0c
Upload Date: 4 Mar 16
Shareware 33.00 $
The Wise Tarot software was created as a maximum approach to divination with a real Tarot deck. The software allows: - to create spreads (as many you wish); - to use different Tarot decks, and to add your own (scanned or downloaded); - to edit card meaning
Categories: Astrology Software, Entertainment & Hobby Software
AstroscanAstroscan Windows Version: 1.6
Upload Date: 6 Dec 15
This is an astrology software with unique graphical views and analysis. Powerful, yet easy to use, it features comprehensive natal, transit, and synastry charts; increments with animation; a graphical HTML report; an atlas with more than 4,000 cities aroun
Categories: Astrology Software, Entertainment & Hobby Software
The Sulintang Indonesian HoroscopeThe Sulintang Indonesian Horoscope Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 29 Oct 15
From the developer: "The Sulintang horoscope and dream interpretation software integrates predictions and methodologies from 7 Indonesian islands. It provides a weekly horoscope based on your birth date and time and as random element the draw of one card o
Categories: Astrology Software, Entertainment & Hobby Software
Astrology WriterAstrology Writer Windows Version: 1.2
Upload Date: 22 Sep 15
With this program you can make real money by selling Professional Natal Horoscope Analysis, size of 15 to 30 pages, with professional look, in a few seconds. The program includes interpretations for the aspects of Ascendant and Mid heaven with any planet a
Categories: Astrology Software, Entertainment & Hobby Software
My Star World AstrologyMy Star World Astrology Windows Version: 2.8.1
Upload Date: 22 Sep 15
Shareware 65.95 $
Personal astrology for you. One package that lets you produce your own high-quality astrology reports. Every report you produce is a unique and extraordinary document, a magical gift to be kept forever. Current reports about understanding are life destiny;
Categories: Astrology Software, Entertainment & Hobby Software
Heliocentric Planetary Aspects and TransitsHeliocentric Planetary Aspects and Transits Windows Version: 21.12
Upload Date: 19 Sep 15
Shareware 49.75 $
A Windows program to calculate heliocentric aspects between planets at a given date. Also displays personal heliocentric transits for a given birthdate, and synastry for two birthdates. Has graphical and dynamical displays which show how heliocentric tran
Categories: Astrology Software, Entertainment & Hobby Software
MB Horse HoroscopeMB Horse Horoscope Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 10 Jul 15
MB Horse Horoscope happens to be one very unique animal astrology software that produces horoscopes for horses. It finds out the sun sign of your horse on the basis of its name and birth details and also lets you know the attribute of its horse sun sign or
Categories: Astrology Software, Entertainment & Hobby Software
MB Zodiac Love SignMB Zodiac Love Sign Windows Version: 1.20
Upload Date: 29 May 15
MB Free Zodiac Love Sign describes the placement of Venus in your birth chart. This planet is also known as the Planet of Love. This sign shows how you express your self in your romantic relationships and marriage. This also describes your sense of beauty,
Categories: Astrology Software, Entertainment & Hobby Software
StarScopesStarScopes Windows Version: 5.0
Upload Date: 29 May 15
Shareware 24.95 $
StarScopes is sophisticated enough for professional astrologers and yet simple enough for novices to enjoy. This astrology software enables you to indulge your curiosities about the planets and stars, providing complete astrology charts and horoscope inter
Categories: Astrology Software, Entertainment & Hobby Software
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