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New Calculators Apps for Windows
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MB Numerology DivinationMB Numerology Divination Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 10 Jul 15
MB Numerology Divination is a numerology based oracle that gives you a reading based on the number patterns of the dice. The final result takes into consideration the dice cast for the past, present and future. MB Numerology Divination is free tool for doi
Categories: Productivity Software, Calculators
MB Lunar ParallaxMB Lunar Parallax Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 10 Jul 15
MB Lunar Parallax is an astrology calculator that does free lunar parallax calculations and lets you know the lunar parallax at the time of your birth. Lunar parallax or the altered positions of the moon help in finding the exact lunar position that is sig
Categories: Productivity Software, Calculators
Astra S-NestingAstra S-Nesting Windows Version: 2.0
Upload Date: 9 Jul 15
Shareware 2200.00 $
Astra S-Nesting software is intended for optimizing true shape nesting. The software can be used for cutting parts from metal, fabric, leather, wood, glass, stone and other sheet materials. All the features of Astra S-Nesting software were designed to
Categories: Productivity Software, Calculators
DSP MagicDSP Magic Windows Version: 1.1
Upload Date: 9 Jul 15
Shareware 20.00 $
So many signal processing operations and filter design options. This amazing software includes discrete fourier transform and inverse, convolution and correlation, Z transform and inverse, FIR filter design, and an extra bonus intelligent IIR filter design
Categories: Productivity Software, Calculators
ErnellcalculatorErnellcalculator Windows Version: 1.1
Upload Date: 9 Jul 15
ErnellCalculator is a free calculator application. It has a simple to use interface. Just type the expression that you like to calculate in the calculation area and hit enter. The result will be shown at the desired form (rational, real or both). You can a
Categories: Productivity Software, Calculators
Unit ConversionUnit Conversion Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 9 Jul 15
Shareware 19.99 $
Unit Conversion is shareware that converts values from one set of measurements to another. Simple to use, but with advanced features including a molecular weight calculator, the program includes both standalone Windows and MS Excel versions. Behind its si
Categories: Productivity Software, Calculators
NEC Contracts CalculatorNEC Contracts Calculator Windows Version: 1.01
Upload Date: 9 Jul 15
Shareware 14.98 $
Use on NEC Contracts. This calculator will show the Pain and Gain shares for the Client and Contractor. You enter: 1. The Developed Target Cost. 2. The Actual Cost. 3. The Share ranges and the Contractors %. You can try various Actual costs and Share perce
Categories: Productivity Software, Calculators
ReorReor Windows Version: 1.4.1 updated
Upload Date: 8 Jul 15
Reor is a free calculator (licensed under GNU General Public License v3) which is crafted into perfection with a winsome interface. Reor has got Scientific, Statistical, Graphical, Financial, and many more tools/functions built-into it, does calculations w
Categories: Productivity Software, Calculators
Super Calculator 8Super Calculator 8 Windows Version: 8.01 updated
Upload Date: 8 Jul 15
Shareware 8.95 $
The TouchPad Calculator allows you to make endless number of calculations using your mouse, touch or Number Pad in the interface of an old adding machine. This software does not need installing and is extremely portable.What is new in this release:Title ch
Categories: Productivity Software, Calculators
ODEcalcODEcalc Windows Version: 6.10 updated
Upload Date: 8 Jul 15
An Ordinary Differential Equation (ODE) Calculator! State your equation with boundary or initial value conditions and ODEcalc will solve your problem. Plots solution (y) and derivative (ydot) versus x. Solves most Boundary Value Problems (BVP) & Initial Va
Categories: Productivity Software, Calculators
Shift Time CalculatorShift Time Calculator Windows Version: 1.00
Upload Date: 7 Jul 15
A simple small calculator that allows you to enter a start and finish time and gives you the number of hours between the times.. ie 0800 and 1645 will give a result of 8.75 hours. This is especially useful for employers calculating time sheets / hours wor
Categories: Productivity Software, Calculators
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