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Version: updated
Platforms: Windows

Categories: Disk & File Software
Upload Date: 2 Oct 16
Developer: Siber Systems
Distribution Type: Shareware
Price: 29.95 $
Downloads: 13
File Size: 23859 Kb

Rating: 0.0/5 (Total votes: 0)


GoodSync is an easy, secure, and reliable way to automatically synchronize and back up your photos, MP3s, and important files. Backing-up and/or synchronizing your critical documents is as easy as one click, and can also be scheduled using a variety of automatic options. True bi-directional file synchronization prevents any data loss. Good Sync can be used to synchronize data between your desktop PC and laptop, home and office computers, computer and removable devices (USB Key, Flash Drive, CDRW disc), over a local network or the Internet.

What is new in this release:

File System fixes from GS ver 10.0.29.

What is new in version

  • SyncLib: fix not copying state of long deleted files, so CopyState appears on next sync.
  • FTP: do not allow IP v6 hosts in FTP file system, due to data connection issues.
  • Tree View: show children of deleted folder nodes in All Live + Dead view.
  • Program Options: store SMTP password in encrypted form.
  • GS Connect Client: show proper 'reason' when Mediator returns error.
  • GS Connect Setup: do not show Advanced option on initial setup.
  • UPNP: fix not reporting correct Local IP address.
  • Forwarder: increase timeout for ongoing operations, to reduce reconnects.
  • Runner Service: switch it to gsync /runner-service, to reduce resource use and speed up.
  • gsync: now it can run On File Change and other Auto jobs in /runner mode.
  • gsync: now it can run all Auto jobs in Linux and MacOS.
  • gsync: /enter-runner now runs Enteprise Runner jobs picked up from server.

What is new in version

  • OneDrive Office365: make Office365 work again: update expired client key.
  • GSTP client: Fix crash on Disconnect of network, with no further reconnect.
  • Runner / Gs-Server: make impersonation work with Microsoft (Internet) account on Windows 8/10.
  • Runner / Gs-Server: make impersonation work when non-original (renamed) Windows account name is used.
  • SyncLib: increase max allowed folder depth from 60 to 100, for users who like to go deep.
  • SibSocket: add IP v6 processing, try all IP addresses returned by IP name lookup.

What is new in version

  • Auto-Update: fix Automatic Install not closing running GoodSync.
  • License: make license file writable to non-elevated GS processes.
  • Runner Service Setup: fix updating Runner Service of other users.
  • Runner Service Setup: fix not updating password when user changes it. Oversized emoticons
  • Ability to send gifs

What is new in version

  • OneDrive: fix bugs.
  • S3: detect servers that do not return download range properly.
  • Windows Shares FS: faster bail out from slow listing when shutting down.
  • GSTP: make Forwarder work when Server canot receive UDP packets from Mediator.
  • GSTP and Proxies: use direct connection if it is available.
  • Server: fix retries on slow processing on server side.
  • Server Web UI: restart Server on all user changes, to achieve greater consistency.
  • MSI installer: fix MSI instller was resetting Connect mode to Local Only.
  • GSTP: several fixes for smaller problems.

What is new in version

  • Installer: Upgrade NSIS installer to ver 3.0b2, it better supports Windows 10.
  • GSTP: automatically switch from direct to forwarded connection, when direct connection goes bad.
  • GSTP Server: fix minor bugs in File Close and Reopen.
  • GSTP Receiver: fix issues that happen when client requests reconnects via different forwarder.
  • GSTP: fix switching from forwarded to direct connecttion.
  • GSTP: speed up connecting via forwarder, when many sessions start at the same time.
  • GSTP: do not use Server as a Forwarder, if it does not run Forwarder.
  • Pause: do not allow Pause to pause during GSTP transaction, only between transactions.

What is new in version 9.9.30:

  • GoodSync Connect: new GSTP protocol version 3, provides for: Faster connection to Server via Forwarder; No talkback from Mediator to Server is needed; Forwarders are dynamic and can be changed during one session; Multiple Official Forwarders can be used, achieving higher speed; Faster recovery from Client and Server loss of Internet connection.
  • Windows 10: add full support for Windows 10, show correct OS version.
  • SyncLib: allow file mod time time translation when file system does not store file mod time correctly.
  • WebDAV: fix issues in PROPFIND results parsing that could lead to bad listings.
  • OneDrive: new implementation that supports OneDrive API ver 2.0.
  • OneDrive: set file mod time on server side using new OneDrive API.
  • Amazon S3: circumvent limit on total number of blocks in file uploaded.
  • SFTP: do new handshake per RFC 4419, discontinue Diffie Hellman Kex method.
  • Google Drive: fix "403 Forbidden" when delete a file/folder that is shared with us.
  • On File Change: fix problems in Change detection, when summing up multiple changes.
  • Explorer: fix not closing server-side file on Cancel of Upload.
  • Explorer and Browse dialog: improve reaction to Stop.
  • Linux: fix reading license file, add /profile=folder option to gs-server.
  • Enterprise: add Enterprise Runner, a service that runs dispatcher-originated jobs.

What is new in version

  • Licensing: switch to new scheme similar to RoboForm, more secure.
  • Licensing: add version 10 licenses and their processing in GS.
  • Activation: add option to Reset All Activations, to release license held by old computers.
  • On File Change: show all changes, sum them up only in Increment Analyze, not before.
  • On File Change: remove Analyze Only option, Analyze must be followed by Sync.
  • On File Change: fix missing changes with short 1 or 2 char names.
  • On File Change: increase max number of changes before overflow to 10,000.
  • Clean of History and Recycled files: fixed several small issues.
  • Log Viewer: show logs when No GsData option is specified.
  • SkyDrive: fix processing of special characters at the end of folder names.
  • GS Connect Mediator: new GoodSync Connect Account Management system.
  • GS Connect Mediator: convert to using SQL database, improve speed.
  • GS Connect Setup: allow empty Windows password, for non-password auth.

What is new in version

  • DAV: improve parsing of Propfind results, to get listing from on-compliant servers.
  • FTPS: retry full FTP connect upon errors when switching to SSL.
  • MTP: provide our own name if device does not return DeviceFriendlyName.
  • Job Names: trim leaading and trailing spaces, limit names to 99 characters.
  • Job Export to TIX: do not output default values of fields.
  • User Stop: speed up User Stop of sockets by sending RST packet.
  • gsync: Add option /encrypt-plain to encrypt plain-text password of connectoid.
  • GS server: fix rare crashes related to impersonation.
  • GS server: faster escalation of discovery on connection loss.
  • GS server: fix not connecting after server FS sleep, when in ServerTop mode.
  • GS Server: Web UI: misc fixes.
  • GS Server: Web UI: return 401 on failed auth attempt, so that user can re-auth.
  • Do not remove Analyze time error when doing Sync, as it will be shown.
  • Explorer: Job bookmarks list: fix sometimes partial list was shown.
  • Explorer: fix file and folder copy operations, esp. Drag and Drop.
  • Explorer: rewrite Move/Rename file/folder to better use file system abilities.

What is new in version

  • GS Server + Share Mount: fix share authentication/connection problems.
  • GS Server + Mapped Drives: faster and more accurate extraction of mapped network drive mapping.
  • GS Client + Mapped Drives: speed up getting Drive to UNC path mapping.
  • GS Connect Setup: allow System User ID to be editable.
  • Sockets + HTTP: Use fast closing of sockets in all HTTP-based file systems.
  • Improve Move/Rename emulation for file systems that do not have Move to other folder (MTP, some FTP).
  • FTP: add connectoid option: Rename works only at one level.
  • Runner-GUI: fix bugs that caused not always reporting state of Job in Runner to GUI.
  • Runner-GUI: fix jobs with names longer than 62 characters do not update status.

What is new in version

  • Stopping Jobs: if user clicked Stop 2nd time then perform fast stop  that does not close remote file handles and does not save state file.
  • Parallel Sync: Reconnect main thread's file systems if they were sitting idle for 15 min or more.
  • Parallel Sync: Limit number of Parallel Threads in a Job by File System limits.
  • Scripts tab: allow noattach: wait: errors: prefixes to come in any order.
  • DAV: workaround for DAV servers that do not return complete URL in list results.
  • FTP: workaround for that freezes control conn
  • Office 365: Added 'API scope' parameter to Office 365 connection.
  • ection after LIST with argument.
  • GSTP Forwarder: improve locksing system, to avoid crashes and deadlocks.
  • Sockets: imporve data connection socket shutdown procedure, good for FTP.
  • Sockets: improve detection of private network IP addresses.
  • Proxies: Added Socks5 proxy support, invoked when proxy host has socks5:// prefix.

What is new in version

  • OneDrive: Authenitcate directly using OAuth2 when doing upload, fixes 'Missing MSPAuth header' error.
  • OneDrive: Fix large (>=100Mb) file uploads that run over one hour.
  • SFTP: Added support for hmac-sha2-256 in our SFTP client.
  • GSTP: perform quick reconnects on server, fixes errors caused by long client inactivity.
  • GSTP: Home File System: allow several servers, for multiple folder mapping.
  • GSTP: improve file system code that represents top folder of the server.
  • Linux: do stored password encryption in users.tic file and such.
  • gsync: add CL line option /pwd-encr-1(2) to specify encrypted password for job side.

What is new in version

  • S3: Add support for AWS4 authorization scheme, now required by Frankfurt region.
  • S3: Browse: add connectoid option to use AWS4 authentication, AWS3 is now default.
  • S3: Do not use ?location in host-based addressing + proxies, use host.
  • On File Change: Processing blocks with file changes: do more checks to avoid crashes.
  • Fix affiliate id detection, when embedded into distribution.
  • sib-http: Some cleanup and fixes.

What is new in version

  • Google Drive: new implementation: faster, more accurate, better caching.
  • Installer: new Affiliate Id generation scheme, no need to sign on server.
  • S3: fix creation of buckets.
  • S3: fix computation of host for EU constraint.
  • Help -> About: show all licenses this computer has, not just one

What is new in version

  • SSL: Fix no HTTPS connectivity for IIS servers that have SSL v3 disabled.
  • SSL: Fix HTTPS upload stall for IIS servers that have buggy TLS 1.0.
  • SSL: when getting syserr from SSL socket read/write, do disconnect on error.
  • SSL: Change support and activation URLs to always use SSL version of GS site.
  • Office365: Get rid of excessive retries on HTTP code 401.
  • SharePoint -> Office365 migration: show more concise error message.
  • GDocs: Google finally deployed fix for longer-than-1-hour file upload bug.

What is new in version

  • Syncing Locked Files + Mod Time of Source File: fix it was not always updated on Win 8.1
  • Fix OpenSSL crashing on old processors that do not have SSE instructions.
  • FTP: When listing, ignore 'total NNN' and other such garbage lines.
  • Global Options Proxy + GS Runner: Propagate changes in proxy options and log level too.
  • Rename Losing Files in Auto Conflict Resolution: fix bugs in computing Conflicted name.
  • Rename Losing Files in Auto Conflict Resolution: Deleve vs File conflict: do not rename.

What is new in version

  • MTP: Fix MakeFolder does not work on some devices.
  • MTP: Set file/folder modification and creation time, for new devices.
  • MTP: Always set original file name, some devices require it.
  • MTP: Do not allow Parallel Sync for MTP.
  • OneDrive: fix crash in Browse dialog.
  • Office 365: Allow single quote ' character in file and folder names.
  • Copy Locked Files: Fix when copying Locked File to SMB, we may get AccessDenied.
  • Set Folder Mod Time on Folder Close: use normalized folder name.
  • Browse Dialog: Do not allow selecting multiple folders that are not on the same disk.
  • Browse Dialog: Allow selecting root node of remote servers and creating New Folder there.
  • Browse Dialog: Show Link icon overlay for links to files or folders.
  • Parallel Sync: transfer Long Disconnect status of file system from workers to the main.
  • DAV/Office365 upload: fix retrying on disconnect.
  • Sib-Http Auth: fix Auth parser may cycle on corrupted auth header.
  • Sib-Http SSL: revise Certificate Authority list.

What is new in version

  • Copy Locked Files: Fix when copying Locked File to SMB, we may get AccessDenied.
  • MTP: Fix MakeFolder does not work on some devices.
  • Browse Dialog: Do not allow selecting multiple folders that are not on the same disk.
  • Parallel Sync: transfer Long Disconnect status of file system from workers to the main.
  • DAV/Office365 upload: fix retrying on disconnect.
  • Sib-Http Auth: fix Auth parser may cycle on corrupted auth header.
  • Sib-Http SSL: revise Certificate Authority list.


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