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New Debugging Software Apps for Windows
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Auto Debug for Windows LiteAuto Debug for Windows Lite Windows Version: 4.1
Upload Date: 28 May 15
Shareware 49.00 $
A Good Auto Tracing tool, Auto monitor all API and COM Interface. Supporting debug and release, not need source code. Supporting tracing COM Interface. Tracing Release version with mapfile . Supporting multithread. Supporting spying the parameters of funct
Categories: Developer Tools, Debugging Software
ComTraceComTrace Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 28 May 15
Shareware 29.95 $
ComTrace is a serial ports monitor product for technicians, engineers and software developers designing or debugging serial port related projects. It is a valuable tool for troubleshooting RS-232 communication between two devices. It allows you to set up a
Categories: Developer Tools, Debugging Software
ServiceCaptureServiceCapture Windows Version: 2.0.19
Upload Date: 28 May 15
Shareware 34.00 $
ServiceCapture runs on your PC and captures all HTTP traffic sent from your browser. It is designed to help Rich Internet Application (RIA) developers in the debugging, analysis, and testing of their applications. ServiceCapture is the only tool of its kin
Categories: Developer Tools, Debugging Software
Blueshell Error GuyBlueshell Error Guy Windows Version: 0.2.27
Upload Date: 28 May 15
Blueshell Error Guy : you really need it.If you have any calls to user-defined functions or subs in your code (have you ever seen another program?), you need to be very aware of this feature of Visual Basic's error handlers; it can cause control to unexpec
Categories: Developer Tools, Debugging Software
Error Report GrabberError Report Grabber Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 28 May 15
When your program does something wrong and there's no special exception handling found in your code, your program will probably show a error message with the suggestion to show additional data to Microsoft. This is so called Dr. Watson information. Unfortu
Categories: Developer Tools, Debugging Software
Bug Trail DesktopBug Trail Desktop Windows Version: 1.0.1
Upload Date: 28 May 15
Shareware 69.95 $
Bug Trail Desktop identifies software bugs is only a small portion of the entire bug life-cycle. Experience a new dimension in bug recording and tracking. Defects structured into projects, modules and programs. Capture System parameters automatically. Imag
Categories: Developer Tools, Debugging Software
Bug Trail WorkGroupBug Trail WorkGroup Windows Version: 1.0.1
Upload Date: 28 May 15
Shareware 369.95 $
Capture and track all your software bugs with Bug Trail for the Workgroup. This easy to use tool allows you to attach screenshots, automatically capture system parameters and create well formatted MS-WORD and HTML output reports. Customizable defect status
Categories: Developer Tools, Debugging Software
Crypto Logger For .NetCrypto Logger For .Net Windows Version: 2010
Upload Date: 27 May 15
Shareware 239.00 $
Crypto Logger For .Net is a flexible and high-performance logging framework for your .Net software. Crypto Logger comes with a powerful yet easy-to-use logging console to view, search, analyze and manage log data and perform remote-logging and live-logging
Categories: Developer Tools, Debugging Software
Software Diagnostics DebuggerSoftware Diagnostics Debugger Windows Version: 1.01
Upload Date: 27 May 15
Shareware 200.00 $
From small companies with three developers to enterprises with thousands of developers working on individually developed software systems, the Software Diagnostics Software-Dynamics Debugger enables developers to grasp a quick understanding of their softwa
Categories: Developer Tools, Debugging Software
gDEBuggergDEBugger Windows Version: 5.8
Upload Date: 27 May 15
gDEBugger is an OpenGL OpenGL ES and OpenCL Debugger, Profiler and memory analyzer. It traces application activity on top of the OpenGL API to provide the application behavior information you need to find bugs and to optimize application performance. gDEBu
Categories: Developer Tools, Debugging Software
PEBrowse ProfessionalPEBrowse Professional Windows Version: 10.1.4
Upload Date: 27 May 15
PEBrowse Professional is a static-analysis tool and disassembler for Win32/Win64 executables and Microsoft .NET assemblies produced according to the Portable Executable specifications published by Microsoft. With the PEBrowse disassembler, one can open and
Categories: Developer Tools, Debugging Software
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