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New Debugging Software Apps for Windows
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SOAPtestSOAPtest Windows Version: 3.0.2
Upload Date: 26 Oct 15
SOAPtest allows users to verify all aspects of a Web service, from WSDL validation, to unit and functional testing of the client and server, to performance testing. SOAPtest addresses key Web service issues such as interoperability, security, change manage
Categories: Developer Tools, Debugging Software
Socket MasterSocket Master Windows Version: 1.00.56
Upload Date: 26 Oct 15
Socket Master allows users to create a listening tcp/udp socket and an outgoing tcp/udp socket for testing embedded network connectivity during the development cycle. Received and transmitted data can be entered in string form, decimal, or hex notation. Th
Categories: Developer Tools, Debugging Software
IE 2 VS Jumper AddInIE 2 VS Jumper AddIn Windows Version: 1.0.1
Upload Date: 25 Oct 15
Shareware 10.00 $
Everyday developers of ASP.NET applications have to look for the particular line of the source code when they get an ASP.NET error page with an erroneous call stack. If you are tired of that routine then there is a remedy for this problem. 'IE 2 VS Jumper'
Categories: Developer Tools, Debugging Software
TracerTracer Windows Version: 5.0
Upload Date: 25 Oct 15
Shareware 18.00 $
Capture the TRACE output of the VC++ application that like the VC++ IDE behaved. Can capture one or more applications at same time and output TRACE in different windows. Can filter the application's TRACE output according the specific keywords. Can output
Categories: Developer Tools, Debugging Software
OnTime 2005 Small Team EditionOnTime 2005 Small Team Edition Windows Version: 5.3
Upload Date: 25 Oct 15
Shareware 495.00 $
OnTime 2005 Small Team Edition is a suite of bug tracking, feature management, and task tracking tools specifically designed for small teams of fewer than 10 users. It includes a choice of Windows, Web, and VS.NET interface in addition to a customer portal
Categories: Developer Tools, Debugging Software
CrashDetectiveCrashDetective Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 25 Oct 15
Shareware 60.00 $
CrashDetective is a software development troubleshooting tool. CrashDetective helps developers making more reliable application by allowing them to easily and painlessly find the cause of most users-reported crashes with only two clicks. CrashDetectives id
Categories: Developer Tools, Debugging Software
RapidDriver ExplorerRapidDriver Explorer Windows Version:
Upload Date: 25 Oct 15
Shareware 199.00 $
RapidDriver Explorer is intelligent tool for PC hardware analysis and debugging. RapidDriver Explorer allows you to start work with hardware after a couple of clicks. You do not have to perform any additional steps (write kernel mode driver and create test
Categories: Developer Tools, Debugging Software
SymGetExSymGetEx Windows Version: 1
Upload Date: 25 Oct 15
Shareware 35.00 $
SymGetEx is an addition to Visual Studio 6.0, which allows Visual C++ debugger to automatically download symbols from symbol servers. With automatic symbol server support, it is easy to keep system symbols up-to-date, regardless of the number of system upd
Categories: Developer Tools, Debugging Software
DecoderDecoder Windows Version: 4.0.4
Upload Date: 24 Oct 15
Shareware 20.00 $
Etresoft Decoder is a drag and drop program that will decode yEnc, MIME (Base64), UUencoded, AppleSingle, MacBinary (I, II, and III), and BinHex files. Just drop the files onto the application and it will determine the correct encoding scheme and decode ac
Categories: Developer Tools, Debugging Software
ReproRepro Windows Version: 2.3
Upload Date: 24 Oct 15
Four-dimensional bug capture technology for optimized bug capture, communication and reproduction. Repro records software process execution at multiple levels to provide unmatched visibility into process execution. With Repro you can record, annotate, and
Categories: Developer Tools, Debugging Software
Rock DebuggerRock Debugger Windows Version:
Upload Date: 24 Oct 15
Rock debugger is a 32-bit assembler-level analyzing debugger for 80x86 - processors architecture. It was developed for Win 2000 and XP. Version the following features have been added: plug-ins (object-oriented); scrolling of the disassembler wind
Categories: Developer Tools, Debugging Software
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IE 2 VS Jumper AddIn
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01.11iTech Logging
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29.10Debugger Selector
29.10Hickwall Debugger
29.10Palm Debugger
29.10Fast BugTrack
28.10Defect Tracker
26.10Eyebol Delphi Analyzer
26.10Census Small Business
26.10Bug Tracker Server
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16Affinic Debugger GUI for GDB
17Remote TestKit
18PEBrowse Professional (64-bit)
19DLL Export Viewer
21Log Viewer Plus
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23DLL Export Viewer (64-bit)
24Java Development Kit (64-Bit)
25Axosoft OnTime 2006 Windows Edition
26Serial Port Utility
27VB Decompiler
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9.08Serial Port Utility
4.12Comm Operator
2.05Log Viewer Plus
20.01Automation Spy

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