ZyXEL ZyWALL 1100 VPN Firewall Firmware for Windows Free Download in Drivers Tag

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ZyXEL ZyWALL 1100 VPN Firewall Firmware

ZyXEL ZyWALL 1100 VPN Firewall Firmware
Version: 4.11(AAAC.0)C0
Platforms: Windows

Categories: Drivers
Upload Date: 9 May 15
Developer: Zyxel
Distribution Type: Freeware
Downloads: 1
Free Download ZyXEL ZyWALL 1100 VPN Firewall Firmware 

Rating: 0.0/5 (Total votes: 0)


Management Feature Enhancement:

- ZON Utility Support (Device Discovery, Change Admin Password, Firmware Upgrade, Reboot Device, Web GUI Link)
- Smart Connect Support (Device Discovery, Web GUI Link)

Connectivity Feature Enhancement:

- AP Controller Technology 1.9
- LTE dongle support
- VLAN 802.1P marking support

Security Feature Enhancement:

- Antivirus white/black list
- Support ADP scan IPv6 traffic
- ADP block time period
- DNS security option control
- SNMPv3
- Add Reject Option in Security Policy
- Add AV EICAR Detect Option
- Add Action for untrusted cert chainof SSLInspection
- SSL Inspection certificate support cloud update
- UTM Performance Tuning #eITS141100375, 150100136, 150100251, 150200495

Usability Enhancement:

- Wireless Initial Installation Wizard
- Network Diagnostic tools on GUI
- Security Policy Rules Filter & Clone
- UTM Profile Viewer
- Policy Route Rule Filter
- NAT rule support service group
- Dual image enhancement
- Multi-Lingual GUI

VPN Feature Enhancement:

- L2TP/IPsec behind NAT

Other Enhancements:

- Certificate support space character in the following field: Organizational Unit, Organization, Town, State (Province), Country
- Support GUI check box “Use Static-Dynamic Route to Control 1-1 NAT Route” to change routing order. Static-Dynamic Route has higher priority to 1-1 NAT Route when it is enabled.
- Patches for CVE-2015-0235, GHOST Vulnerability of glibc.
- AP Controller default configuration changed from “Always Accept” to “Manual” setting
- AV, CF, AS black and white list and IDP custom signature DO work even without license.
- Enlarge Log Entry Size by each model


- DynuDDNS cannot work
- Not connected to ZySH daemon due to deadlock by sshipsecpm connectivity_check.
- DUT cannot connect to SSO agent and output CLI command
- Strange behavior when ZyWALL is in DNS proxy role
- After enabling AS, the throughput is low
- Move the log “App ID has been changed from 83886594 to 83886855” to debug log.
- User cannot be configured in security policy rule with zone to zone rule from WAN to ZyWALL.
- After rebooting, WAN gateway will disappear
- Management IP will carry dynamic MAC
- The tunnel shows to be up in VPN Connections in both sides.However, no traffic can pass the tunnel and the log shows IPsec error with "no rule found, Dropping ESP packet".
- Device HA failed to synchronize backup device with master device.
- The IP pool size cannot be varied with the changing of IP pool start address on GUI.
- Signature release date didn‟t display based on different time zone.
- Changing the firewall rule to deny traffic to ZyWALL but not take effect immediately.
- Building IPsec VPN tunnel with FortiGate, VPN tunnel cannot build after rekeying.
- Download files may get stuck when UTM is activated.
- Validation result of my certificate is failed.
- Packets are sending out in the wrong interface.
- Device has wrong or missing DNS cache record.
- When using for SHA256 as intermediate certificate, the certificate path will shows “incomplete path”.
- Rename a zone which has been used in Policy Control Rules will cause the zone field of these policy control rules cannot be changed or modified to other zones.
- [RIP]When setting RIP redistribute OSPF as metric=3,reboot DUT will show error message and cause applying startup configuration failed.
- [DHCPv6] When LAN interface set DHCPv6 client, it cannot send NS Packet.
- [File Manager]Rename configuration file to 64 characters will fail with wrong CLI command.
- [File Manager]Trying to download a file from download.microsoft.com or using the windows update service, in USG logs, IDP blocks the access
- Route packets from a bridge interface according to the NAT result.
- Ge3 is configured as IP/MAC binding enabled. Disable interface any one of ge4 ~ ge8. The DHCP client of ge3 is unable to ping the default gateway anymore.
- [Interface]Routing didn‟t change even connective check failed.
- IPsec VPN daemon causes high memory usage(99%).

Apply configuration failed in the following steps:

- Reset the device back to default
- Modify the WWW HTTPs port from 443 to 447, and some NAT and policy route rules.
- Download the startup.conf which with HTTPs port as 447.
- Change the startup.conf name as test_www and upload it.
- Apply test_wwwconfig.
- After device bootup, the device will fall back to default.

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