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New Health & Fitness Software Apps for Windows
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SHARMSHARM Windows Version: 5.0
Upload Date: 2 Jan 15
Shareware 199.00 $
SHARM is a software tool that helps you explore and experience relaxation, self-hypnosis and altered states of consciousness. Select from many predefined sessions, or define your own sessions to suit your needs and preferences. Use our innovative s
Categories: Educational & Science Software, Health & Fitness Software
BMI Calculator for MenBMI Calculator for Men Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 1 Jan 15
This software is a BMI calculator for men, which is specifically designed to help men get an accurate portrayal of their body composition. One size does not fit all and the body mass index calculator can make sure that you have the right information for yo
Categories: Educational & Science Software, Health & Fitness Software
BMI Chart CalculatorBMI Chart Calculator Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 1 Jan 15
If you don't feel good in your own body and you think you need to start a diet, it might be a good decision that will help you find confidence and become more optimistic. However, first thing you should think about is your health. Every radical change in d
Categories: Educational & Science Software, Health & Fitness Software
My Daily Glucose ReadingsMy Daily Glucose Readings Windows Version: 1.10
Upload Date: 1 Jan 15
My Daily Glucose Readings was designed for diabetics who check their blood sugar level multiple times throughout the day. You can record up to eight readings per day: Pre-Breakfast, After Breakfast, Pre-Lunch, After Lunch, Pre-Dinner, After Dinner, Bedtime
Categories: Educational & Science Software, Health & Fitness Software
Foods Calorie MeterFoods Calorie Meter Windows Version: 2.2
Upload Date: 31 Dec 14
FoodsCalorieMeter is a handy and reliable application designed to calculate the calories you ingest in order to help you lose weight. You can create an unlimited number of profiles and build a diet for each of them in order to select the best option for lo
Categories: Educational & Science Software, Health & Fitness Software
TinnitusTamerTinnitusTamer Windows Version: 3.5.7
Upload Date: 31 Dec 14
Shareware 35.00 $
It has long been known that Tinnitus is not caused by sound signals originating in the ear. Recent innovations in medical imaging techniques have made it possible to show that Tinnitus sounds are generated by activity in the auditory neural system in the b
Categories: Educational & Science Software, Health & Fitness Software
HomeopathyHomeopathy Windows Version: 5.5
Upload Date: 31 Dec 14
Shareware 18.95 $
Homeopathy Databank of homeopathic remedies and therapeutic options. Homeopathy Software provides a wealth of information in 3 databanks: Afflictions (displays homeopathic remedy charts by affliction and related symptoms), Materia Medica (lists information
Categories: Educational & Science Software, Health & Fitness Software
OnScreenOnScreen Windows Version: 1.80
Upload Date: 31 Dec 14
Shareware 119.95 $
On-screen Keyboard for the physically challenged, limited mobility user. A custom version of IMG's popular commercial My-T-Soft on-screen keyboard and macro utilities that have been enhanced with input from major Assistive Technology therapists and RJ Coop
Categories: Educational & Science Software, Health & Fitness Software
FathomFathom Windows Version: 1.2
Upload Date: 31 Dec 14
Fathom profiles, cleanses, and standardizes source data files. It streamlines the format-discovery process and enables users to rapidly transform data into a more usable form without having to resort to time-consuming ETL or database manipulations. By util
Categories: Educational & Science Software, Health & Fitness Software
CrosstrainerCrosstrainer Windows Version: 7.64
Upload Date: 31 Dec 14
Shareware 39.95 $
Crosstrainer 7 is designed for Athletes, Coaches, Personal Trainers, Physiotherapists, Gym's. It was created to help you create and manage your fitness and health plans at home, at the gym or on the road. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle,
Categories: Educational & Science Software, Health & Fitness Software
Ovulating CalendarOvulating Calendar Windows Version: 2.0.2
Upload Date: 31 Dec 14
Basal body temperature has a very important role for the understanding of women's health status; correct measurement can accurately determine whether ovulation, pregnancy, guidance eugenics contraception, part of the common gynecological diseases can also
Categories: Educational & Science Software, Health & Fitness Software
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