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Best IDE Software & SDK Software For Windows
NSB AppStudio  
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Latest IDE Software & SDK Apps for Windows
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4D4D Windows Version: 12.3
Upload Date: 4 May 15
Shareware 550.00 $
With 4D, you can utilize all the robust features of the legendary 4th Dimension development environment while taking full advantage of the latest operating systems. Start with simple database structures and use 4D's wizards to create automatic data entry a
Categories: Developer Tools, IDE Software & SDK
4D v11 SQL4D v11 SQL Windows Version: Release 5 (11.5)
Upload Date: 9 Jul 15
Shareware 349.00 $
The cornerstone of 4D has always been a comprehensive programming language that is both high level and easy to learn. With over 900 different commands, you can use 4D to go beyond simple data management to build custom applications that look great, are eas
Categories: Developer Tools, IDE Software & SDK
4W Props4W Props Windows Version: 1.2
Upload Date: 27 Oct 15
This plugin provides one-stop-shopping for viewing and editing nearly all properties of every object, even global properties. Beginners will appreciate seeing all of the properties listed in one place, and experienced developers will apreciate the conveni
Categories: Developer Tools, IDE Software & SDK
68HC12 Development System68HC12 Development System Windows Version: 2.22
Upload Date: 28 May 15
Shareware 149.00 $
From the developer: "The ultimate Motorola 68HC12 Development system includes: Micro-IDE - a Windows-based Integrated Development Environment; Micro C - 68HC11 C Compiler, assembler, linker; Built-in serial loaders and terminal; Complete online documentati
Categories: Developer Tools, IDE Software & SDK
974 Application Server974 Application Server Windows Version:
Upload Date: 15 Apr 15
974 Application Server helps with development of powerful Web applications emphasizing security and clustered load balancing which you can rapidly redistribute on the same cluster to other customers.What is new in this release:Version Kernel migr
Categories: Developer Tools, IDE Software & SDK
A-FlowA-Flow Windows Version: 3.80
Upload Date: 28 May 15
A-Flow is a general-purpose software development and authoring tool for creating a wide range of Windows applications. A-Flow completely visualizes applications under development: you do not write application code, but instead draw it by using a point-and-
Categories: Developer Tools, IDE Software & SDK
ABCFindABCFind Windows Version: 2
Upload Date: 22 Sep 15
Shareware 29.00 $
ABCFind provides a wealth of powerful find and replace features that increase VB development productivity. Integrates into the VB IDE. Provides many, easily defined, search criteria. Can search VB code on a file system or within a SourceSafe database. Sear
Categories: Developer Tools, IDE Software & SDK
ACE (Another C++ Editor)ACE (Another C++ Editor) Windows Version: 2.0
Upload Date: 29 Oct 15
From the developer: "Another C++ Editor is a bare-bones C++ source file editor that is specially made for use with the free Borland C++ command-line compiler. By using a clutter-free, tab-style interface, it makes using the application a no-brainer. It als
Categories: Developer Tools, IDE Software & SDK
ActiveDeveloperActiveDeveloper Windows Version: 2.10
Upload Date: 3 Nov 15
ActiveDeveloper is a Smalltalk-like runtime object IDE that allows you to interactively explore, develop, and test your applications directly while they run. By cutting the usual edit-compile-play cycle down to one step, ActiveDeveloper speeds up the explo
Categories: Developer Tools, IDE Software & SDK
ActiveDrawerActiveDrawer Windows Version: 3.25
Upload Date: 15 Apr 15
Shareware 38.70 $
ActiveDrawer is a real-time visual drawer for Visual Studio C++. It makes source code to diagrams in real-time. It is a Visual Studio add-in program which provides list view of macroscopic contents. It also provides flow-chart style diagrams and NSD (Nassi
Categories: Developer Tools, IDE Software & SDK
ADMB for Visual Studio 2010 (32-bit)ADMB for Visual Studio 2010 (32-bit) Windows Version: 10.1
Upload Date: 26 May 15
AD Model Builder for Visual Studio is a tool for the rapid development and implementation of nonlinear statistical models. With AD Model Builder you can manage problems which completely defeat other statistical modeling packages.
Categories: Developer Tools, IDE Software & SDK
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