Intel NUC RST Preinstall Driver 64-bit for Windows Free Download

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Intel NUC RST Preinstall Driver 64-bit

Intel NUC RST Preinstall Driver 64-bit
Version: updated
Platforms: Windows

Categories: Drivers
Upload Date: 2 Jan 16
Developer: Intel
Distribution Type: Freeware
Downloads: 25
File Size: 598 Kb
Free Download Intel NUC RST Preinstall Driver 64-bit 

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Resolved Issues:

- Unable to clear RAID metadata using rstcli32.exe
- Win 7 Hot undocking and activating accelerometer cause blue screen/hangs with IRST
- Issue with S4 with RAID 5 configuration
- BSoD occur when AC adapter plug or unplug at F6 driver update.
- Black screen issue with S4 on SKL platforms using NVMe devices
- Loading RST 14.0 driver through F6 Install on Windows 7 x 64 results in BSOD.
- The remapped NVMe SSD is assigned to dynamical SATA port in 14.x
- RAID 0 low performance (2 remapped NVMe devices)
- [RTD3] RST driver does not allow D3 on RTD3 capable ports in Mixed RAID Volumes
- [RST] [PCIe AHCI] Extremely low performance during copying file to RAID volume
- [RAID 1] [PCIe NVMe] RAID 1 going into 'failed' state during copying files to the volume.
- Workaround added to resolve ODD disappearing issues on Skylake
- Incorrect storage controller name displayed in IRST GUI System Report
- Incorrect SMS bit (SATA Mode Select) bit check in RCmpSata utility

This download is valid for the products listed below:

- Intel NUC Board D34010WYB
- Intel NUC Board D54250WYB
- Intel NUC Board NUC5i3MYBE
- Intel NUC Board NUC5i5MYBE
- Intel NUC Kit D34010WYK
- Intel NUC Kit D54250WYK
- Intel NUC Kit NUC5i3MYHE
- Intel NUC Kit NUC5i3RYH
- Intel NUC Kit NUC5i3RYK
- Intel NUC Kit NUC5i5MYHE
- Intel NUC Kit NUC5i5RYH
- Intel NUC Kit NUC5i5RYK
- Intel NUC Kit NUC5i7RYH


1. Known Issue is defined as a potential RST issue that has been replicated internally by the Rapid Storage Technology team but has not been root caused to be an RST defect.

2. The RAID OROM & UEFI version for this release is, the driver and user interface version is The Devslp tool is posted under the CLI tool components on VIP kit.

3. RST 14.5 release enables support for new platforms & features (includes legacy support for platforms and features supported in RST 14.0)
- Skylake mobile U/Y and Desktop Corporate Platform, SKL-H 4+2 Platform
- Microsoft Windows 10 support for BDW/HSW/Skylake and X99 platforms
- Microsoft Windows 10 enhancements
- InstantGo and Modern Standby Support
- Adaptive RTD3 Support
- Intel SRT Caching for Microsoft InstantGo Support (SATA based Dual and Hybrid Drives).

4. For recommendation on Windows 10 upgrade scenarios, please refer the 14.5 OEM technical guide posted along with this kit

5. When RTD3 is enabled in BIOS, unable to create a RAID volume in UI or RST CLI. UI will report an error and volume will not be created. Bug affects Win8.1, BDW & SKL platforms. Unable to reproduce on Win10.
Workaround: Disable RTD3 in BIOS, then create desired RAID configuration in UI and afterwards re-enable RTD3 (or) to create RAID volume directly in BIOS/EFI. Fix will be available in future BIOS releases.

6. CAT error observed during OS install on RVP3 C0 (PCH-LP) with PCIe storage.
Workaround: In RVP BIOS, go to Intel Advanced Menu -> PCH-IO configuration -> PCI Express Configuration -> PCI Express Root Port 5 -> PCIE5 CLKREQ Mapping Override: enabled. CLKREQ Number: [1]

7. Issue related to RAID sku detection fixed in OROM. Customers might run into issues related to enabling RAID mode on some of the Skylake sku’s with previous pre-OS version

8. No RST support for PCIe storage devices in AHCI mode.

Known Issues:

- The RST UI displays SATA ports, in spite of the proper registers programmed properly to disable unnecessary SATA ports in BIOS
- Error code 0x80070017 occurred while installing Win8.1 on the NVMe remapped Raid 1 volume
- Intermittent 7E BSOD observed with s3/s4 test.
- Error message display when run NvCacheScripts
- SATA HDD is identified as PCIe device in RST HII
- System hang at 0xa0 issue with certain PCIe M.2 AHCI device
- Removing the lowest numbered driver causes BSOD.
- SUT hang up intermittently when press 'Ctrl + I' enter Intel RAID OROM
- RAID Volume degraded sometime after built
- System lag if installed iRST driver with certain HDD
- SCSI Compliance test failing
- RAID0 created using legacy OROM missing metadata on one of the drives
- PCIe NVMe SSD 2DR0 (2-disk RAID 0) performance lower than pass-through single SSD
- HDD pops out an unexpected "ca" noise when system enters S4 or Cold boot
- Can hear significant HDD shutdown sound while system entering S4 or S5
- BSOD 0x9F occurred as reboot system after finishing Burn-in tool (4 hours) (add HDD R/W loading) test
- PCIe NVMe SSD 2-Disk RAID 0 low performance issue
- [RCfgSata][DOS] Partition table is not preserved when using the /U switch
- [RCfgsata][EFI][DOS]Incomplete serial number of drives is output when using the /ST switch
- [RST EFI CLI] EFI CLI config disk status does not show system disk information
- [rcfgsata.efi][SKL] Cannot boot to OS after creating RAID1 out of two data drives while preserving an MBR partition table
- DevSlpRegEditTool creates reg keys with invalid disk product_id
- WHQL test "Driver Memory Test" failed on SharkBay Refresh
- Driver cannot be uninstalled via Device manager on Windows 8.1 August update
- rstcli.exe, rstcli64.exe allow to create recovery volume consisted of SATA and NVMe disks
- CSMI reporting invalid Serial Number during failure situations
- Driver: CE BSOD iastorA.sys occurs while uninstalling RST driver on a custom Windows 8.1 OS
- Enabling SRT changes Device Manager Disk Drive Information
- UI - PCI-E SSD custom space defaults at 64 GB, even if the drive has less than 64 GB of space left
- Cache fail results in hangs/BSOD
- UI: BSOD when clicking "Hide recovery disk files" actionable link with On request RRT Volume.
- UI: System drive is not displaying or being recognized in RST UI
- Iastor BSOD when auto rebuilding volume to the same port
- SRT file copy performance much worse than HDD
- UI Writeback Cache checkbox (Advanced tab) disabled during IRRT volume creation
- All expected TRIMs are not occurring on SRT
- "Offline" disk shows up as "Normal" after reinserting back into system while RAID 5(or RAID 10) is rebuilding and restarting system
- BSOD 9f occurs when certain PCIe-AHCI SSD is attached.
- After multiple iterations of Hybrid S3 or S4, the sleep utility tool indicates errors when RST driver is installed.
- Dump Driver fails to capture Crash Dump when OS is installed on certain NVMe devices.
- OS Spindown of matrix RAID volumes causes hang
- SMART Event disk rebuilding after system reboot of successful Raid 1 creation
- internal_power_error (A0) BSOD with hybrid S3
- BSOD 0xD1 reported with inbox driver
- No timeout for a device that does not enumerate and stalls the OS boot process
- Refresh issues when changing from Windows default theme to high contrast
- After configuring SRT and conducting Dirty Shutdowns error: Unable to find System Disk
- RST Driver – Test hangs while running Inquiry command on ODD
- SRT: Driver fails to enumerate an accelerated disk or volume during an F6 install if a system disk is already attached to the system
- UI reports Unknown status and incorrect sync mode after hot-removing the recovery disk of an IRRTm while the sync is initializing.
- WHQL: RST not compliant with Device.DevFund.Memory.DriverFootprint requirements for x86
- ZPODD power off timer does not reset upon receipt of CSMI I/O

About SATA / AHCI / RAID Preinstall Drivers:

Download this package if you intend to switch the SATA settings between available modes (AHCI, RAID, or IDE) after an operating system has been installed.

Remember that if you modify these settings without applying the proper files, the OS will not be able to boot until requirements are met or changes are reverted.

As for the installation method, it would be best if you refer to the manufacturer’s update guide, read all the steps, and initiate this task only when you have completely familiarized yourself with the procedure.

Even though other platforms might also be compatible with this release, we strongly recommend that you apply the driver only on specified operating systems in order to successfully perform the installation. If a failure occurs, the computer could suffer serious malfunctions.

With these in mind, if you wish to modify the SATA settings according to the mode highlighted in this version, click the download button and make the desired changes. Visit our website as often as possible to stay up to date with the latest releases.

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Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 7 |  Windows 8 |  Windows Server 2008 | 

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