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New Interpreters & Compilers Apps for Windows
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Kix2ExeKix2Exe Windows Version: 1.4.3
Upload Date: 28 May 15
Kix2Exe is a freeware application to create executable files out of KiXtart scripts. When packaging a KiXtart script, an executable file is created that contains a pre-tokenised and password-protected version of the KiXtart script and a copy of kix32.exe o
Categories: Developer Tools, Interpreters & Compilers
TextTransformerTextTransformer Windows Version: 1.7.5
Upload Date: 28 May 15
Shareware 150.00 $
Analysis and transformation of texts multiple replacements of words, evaluation of extracted data and conversion. Projects can be tested step by step. Ready projects can be applied to single texts interactively. The integrated transformation manager transf
Categories: Developer Tools, Interpreters & Compilers
Ch StandardCh Standard Windows Version: 6.3
Upload Date: 28 May 15
Ch is a C/C++ interpreter for cross platform scripting, shell programming, 2D/3D graphical plotting, numerical computing and embedded scripting. Ch supports 8,000 functions including 1999 ISO C Standard (C99), C++ class, POSIX, X11/Motif, OpenGL, ODBC, XM
Categories: Developer Tools, Interpreters & Compilers
Microsoft Silverlight 4 SDKMicrosoft Silverlight 4 SDK Windows Version: 4.0.50826
Upload Date: 28 May 15
Microsoft Silverlight 4 SDK contains online documentation, online samples, libraries and tools for developing Silverlight 4 applications. Usage of the SDK is subject to the SDK License which is included in the package.
Categories: Developer Tools, Interpreters & Compilers
DC3 Compiler - InterpreterDC3 Compiler - Interpreter Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 28 May 15
DC3 is a VB like compiler/interpreter that can be used for learning how to create a complete and fully functional compiler. It comes with its complete source code in Visual Basic 6. It compiles simple VB like programs and creates a byte code executed by a
Categories: Developer Tools, Interpreters & Compilers
XBLiteXBLite Windows Version: 2.4.1
Upload Date: 28 May 15
XBLite is a concise, simple Windows programming language which combines the speed of C with the ease of a Basic syntax. The XBLite compiler is free, open-source, and published under GPL and LGPL licenses. Programmers editor, xsed, is included.What is new i
Categories: Developer Tools, Interpreters & Compilers
Microsoft XNA Game StudioMicrosoft XNA Game Studio Windows Version: 4.0
Upload Date: 28 May 15
Microsoft XNA Game Studio is a programming environment that allows you to use Visual Studio 2010 to create games for Windows Phone, the Xbox 360 console, and Windows-based computers. XNA Game Studio 4.0 includes the XNA Framework 4.0, which is a set of man
Categories: Developer Tools, Interpreters & Compilers
KBasicKBasic Windows Version: 1.89
Upload Date: 28 May 15
Shareware 24.95 $
KBasic is programming language, which is simply intuitive and easy to learn. It is a new programming language, a further BASIC dialect and is related to VB.NET, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Application, and Java. It combines the best features of those to
Categories: Developer Tools, Interpreters & Compilers
Visual PrologVisual Prolog Windows Version: 7.3 build 7303
Upload Date: 28 May 15
Visual Prolog is a logical programming language that counts PDC Prolog and Turbo Prolog as predecessors. The goal of Visual Prolog is to support industrial strength programming of complex knowledge emphasized problems. It supports advanced client-server an
Categories: Developer Tools, Interpreters & Compilers
GenteeGentee Windows Version: 3.6.3
Upload Date: 28 May 15
Gentee is a friendly full-scale programming language. It is a reliable assistant in your everyday work. It is easy-to-master, and can be your first, as well as tenth programming language. All necessary documentation and a set of libraries are available. So
Categories: Developer Tools, Interpreters & Compilers
ScriptBasicScriptBasic Windows Version: 2.0
Upload Date: 27 May 15
ScriptBasic implements a rich set of instructions that are available under Win32. Programs written in ScriptBasic are portable unless you work hard to insert some system specific code. If you need some more that is not currently available you can ask for i
Categories: Developer Tools, Interpreters & Compilers
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