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New Interpreters & Compilers Apps for Windows
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Enterprise AnalystEnterprise Analyst Windows Version: 1
Upload Date: 21 Sep 15
Shareware 149.00 $
Using Enterprise Analyst, software analysts, architects and developers can validate, simulate and document future system domain models. The tool allows them to concentrate on the core of the system domain logic and is able to test the system during the ana
Categories: Developer Tools, Interpreters & Compilers
Axiomatic Multi-Platform CAxiomatic Multi-Platform C Windows Version: 1.6.9c
Upload Date: 21 Sep 15
Shareware 199.00 $
AMPC compiles ANSI C programs directly into Java bytecodes to run on any platform where a Java runtime is available. AMPC can also be used to integrate C and Java programs since AMPC's C functions can directly call numerous Java methods and vice versa. AMP
Categories: Developer Tools, Interpreters & Compilers
MergePlantMergePlant Windows Version: 3.0.2
Upload Date: 21 Sep 15
Shareware 245.00 $
This powerful merge program uses 3-way technology, to bring you the best in modern merging techniques. MergePlant is easy to use for frequent integration of developer changes; it is also strong enough to merge branches of 3000 files each. After the automat
Categories: Developer Tools, Interpreters & Compilers
CodeSimianCodeSimian Windows Version: 0.65
Upload Date: 21 Sep 15
CodeSimian is a self-modifying JAR file, an interpreted/scripted programming-language made with Java 1.5, free to use and modify under any GNU GPL 2+ license, for building Artificial-Intelligence, A-Life, chatbots that use letters to write sentences (inste
Categories: Developer Tools, Interpreters & Compilers
Microsoft XNA Game Studio 2.0Microsoft XNA Game Studio 2.0 Windows Version: 2.0
Upload Date: 21 Sep 15
Microsoft XNA Game Studio enables hobbyists, academics, and independent game developers to easily create video games for Windows and the Xbox 360 console using optimized cross-platform gaming libraries based on .NET.
Categories: Developer Tools, Interpreters & Compilers
thinBasicthinBasic Windows Version: 1.5
Upload Date: 21 Sep 15
thinBasic is a Basic like language interpreter. Its target is to have a scripts text file to be interpreted and executed immediately by a simple double click or by an automated scheduled tasks. More than 500 predefined keywords. All main program flow: If/T
Categories: Developer Tools, Interpreters & Compilers
ActivePerl (Windows)ActivePerl (Windows) Windows Version: updated
Upload Date: 20 Sep 15
ActivePerl from ActiveState is the industry-standard, commercial-grade Perl distribution, available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X (Solaris, AIX and HP-UX available in Business or Enterprise Edition). Developers worldwide rely on ActivePerls's completenes
Categories: Developer Tools, Interpreters & Compilers
Liquid StudioLiquid Studio Windows Version: 1.02
Upload Date: 14 Jul 15
Shareware 59.95 $
Liquid Studio is a powerful development suite that creates programs for the Liquid Virtual Machine (LVM). Programs are written in Echoes, a modern object-oriented BASIC-like programming language. The Liquid Virtual Machine (included with Liquid Studio and
Categories: Developer Tools, Interpreters & Compilers
Soap Generate GearSoap Generate Gear Windows Version: 2.6
Upload Date: 12 Jul 15
Shareware 99.00 $
Using Soap Generate Gear, easily and automatically generate soap protocol source code for client/server sides from wsdl file. RPC and Document style are all supported. What you need to do is just import your wsdl file and click generate button. Pure platfo
Categories: Developer Tools, Interpreters & Compilers
BPL - Beginners Programming LanguageBPL - Beginners Programming Language Windows Version: 1.1
Upload Date: 12 Jul 15
BPL is one of the best beginners programming languages about. No matter what anybody says, languages like C++, C# and even Visual Basic, are not aimed for beginners. BPL is, specially designed to leave out the complex stuff, keep it simple but keep the pow
Categories: Developer Tools, Interpreters & Compilers
Jarum-Game CreatorJarum-Game Creator Windows Version: 1
Upload Date: 12 Jul 15
Jarum-Game Creator allows you to create great games using a simple programming language. Once you have completed your game it can be compiled into a stand alone .exe file. We have also included a game wizard that allows you to create games with out having
Categories: Developer Tools, Interpreters & Compilers
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