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Free Java Software Apps for Windows
Total: 655
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MetaWareJMetaWareJ Windows Version: 4.1
Upload Date: 15 Nov 14
MetaWareJ is a framework for creating web-based and Android business applications dealing with data input, validation and processing, based on client's requirements and rules. Examples of these are any type of inventory, invoicing, customer database, sa
Categories: Developer Tools, Java Software
Free JSON EditorFree JSON Editor Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 9 Dec 14
The Free JSON Editor is a tool that allows users to open, edit and format JSON, which is a data format used in designing websites. It displays the content in an outline tree view and lets web developers edit, parse and save the changes in very simple steps
Categories: Developer Tools, Java Software
Free JS EditorFree JS Editor Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 9 Dec 14
Free JS Editor is a tool that allows users to edit JavaScript in order to create special effects on web pages. It is also used in animations and hence, is a very handy tool for web developers. This is a very simple tool which can be used by anyone. It has
Categories: Developer Tools, Java Software
Free JavaScript EditorFree JavaScript Editor Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 9 Dec 14
Java is the key for adding animations and special effects to websites. In order to validate and make the language secure and error free, the Free JavaScript Editor is the right choice. It consists of a preset list of functions and tools which can be input
Categories: Developer Tools, Java Software
License Activation and Validation ProxyLicense Activation and Validation Proxy Windows Version: 1.6 updated
Upload Date: 6 Feb 16
License Activation and Validation Proxy Server handles license activation requests and forward to any Auto License Generation and Activation Server or Online.License4j License4J License Manager GUI tool stores products, templates, and licenses in a defined
Categories: Developer Tools, Java Software
SerialPort SDKSerialPort SDK Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 9 Dec 14
SerialPort SDK is a professional java serial port SDK,provides simple communication interface to connect to any serial port device. You can use this program for implementing, debuging serial protocol. You can send and capture data. You can change co
Categories: Developer Tools, Java Software
Bytecode ViewerBytecode Viewer Windows Version: 2.8.1 updated
Upload Date: 14 Feb 15
Bytecode Viewer is an Advanced Lightweight Java Bytecode Viewer, GUI Procyon Java Decompiler, GUI CFR Java Decompiler, GUI FernFlower Java Decompiler, GUI Jar-Jar, Hex Viewer, Code Searcher, Debugger and more. It's written completely in Java, and it's open
Categories: Developer Tools, Java Software
JavaExeJavaExe Windows Version: 3.2
Upload Date: 31 Dec 14
JavaExe makes it possible to launch your Java application starting from an .exe as if it were a Windows application, a system service, or a Control Panel, or a Screen Saver. It is possible to provide a JRE with the Java application so that it operates reg
Categories: Developer Tools, Java Software
JARStarterJARStarter Windows Version: 1.2
Upload Date: 31 Dec 14
JARStarter launches JAR and JAD files in various J2SE (JDK/JRE) and J2ME (emulators) environments. The program integrates with Windows Explorer. There is a system of flexible settings with the automatic detection of J2SE and J2ME environments on your compu
Categories: Developer Tools, Java Software
JvCache Express FreeJvCache Express Free Windows Version: 4.1
Upload Date: 31 Dec 14
Scale your Java applications with JvCache Express by removing database and data storage performance bottlenecks. JvCache Express is an in-memory Java distributed cache that is totally free to use (not a trial). It provides: 1. Distributed cache across mult
Categories: Developer Tools, Java Software
UISpec4JUISpec4J Windows Version: 2.4
Upload Date: 21 Jan 15
UISpec4J is an Open Source functional and unit testing library for Swing-based Java applications, built on top of JUnit and TestNG. UISpec4J's APIs are designed to hide as much as possible the complexity of Swing, resulting in easy to write and easy to rea
Categories: Developer Tools, Java Software
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07.12DS Scale
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06.12DS RotScale
06.12DS Pixelate
06.12DS Ripple
06.12DS Light
06.12DS Lens
06.12DS FadeToFilter
06.12DS BumpMap
06.12DS Tunnel
06.12DS Wave
06.12DS FireImage
06.12DS Lake
06.12DS RotateText
06.12DS FireText
06.12DS Fire
06.12DS Explosion
06.12DS Explode
06.12DS Fade
06.12DS CrossFade
06.12DS Wormhole
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