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New Java Software Apps for Windows
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XUIXUI Windows Version: 2
Upload Date: 30 Oct 15
XUI is a Java and XML rich-client application development framework for building Swing, AWT and SWT applications. The framework takes care of much of the low level programming needed to build modern applications andhelps enforce accepted design practices s
Categories: Developer Tools, Java Software
JDecompilerJDecompiler Windows Version: 1
Upload Date: 30 Oct 15
Shareware 9.95 $
JDecompiler is a very small tool that can decompile the java class file very easily. What's the advantage of JDecompiler. It is very small, and very fast to run. It can use your favorite text editor (e.g EditPlus, UltraEdit) to decompile and view the java
Categories: Developer Tools, Java Software
C To Java ConverterC To Java Converter Windows Version: 1.1
Upload Date: 30 Oct 15
The C2J converter provides automatic translation of C code source files into separate Java classes with appropriate names. Standard ANSI C runtime and K&R C libraries are fully supported, and the program has a simple graphical user interface. Written in C,
Categories: Developer Tools, Java Software Java Java Applets Windows Version: 2.5
Upload Date: 30 Oct 15
Shareware 18.00 $
From the developer: "Get 13 java applets. You can use it freely on your web sites. Get applets ranging from slide shows, text effects, and graphics effects such as Multi-Pic Show, Thumbnail Show, Burning Slide Show, Pushy Slide Show, Snowing Slide Show, Fa
Categories: Developer Tools, Java Software
DS PlasmaDS Plasma Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 30 Oct 15
Shareware 28.00 $
From the developer: "Display a scrolling text and/or an image over this cool multicoloured plasma background! In addition you can customize parameters with no need of Java or HTML programming knowledge! In fact this applet is interactive and allows to chan
Categories: Developer Tools, Java Software
NewsTicker CollectionNewsTicker Collection Windows Version: 2.0
Upload Date: 30 Oct 15
A collection of horizontal and vertical java news ticker applets. The vertical news ticker applet loads news items in XML format from a URL and scrolls them vertically, allowing the user to scroll the news items up or down and click on a link to display a
Categories: Developer Tools, Java Software
PieChartAppletPieChartApplet Windows Version: 2.0.4
Upload Date: 30 Oct 15
Shareware 199.00 $
This java based pie chart applet enables you to add flexible and great looking pie charts to your web applications with just a few lines of html code. The chart supports 2D and 3D pies, multiple pies in one chart, floating pie slice labels, and drilldown f
Categories: Developer Tools, Java Software
DS BlobsMenuDS BlobsMenu Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 30 Oct 15
From the developer: "Display your menu over this cool animated effect. Can be used with or without a background image. A code generator is provided for the HTML and programming challenged."Requirements:Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XPLimitations:Displays credit
Categories: Developer Tools, Java Software
DS PlasmaImageDS PlasmaImage Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 30 Oct 15
Shareware 20.00 $
From the developer: "This cool little applet places a plasma effect over any image. As a bonus, you can add scrolling text and an image overlay! A code generator is provided for the HTML and programming challenged! You can customize parameters without any
Categories: Developer Tools, Java Software
ExeJExeJ Windows Version: 1.01
Upload Date: 30 Oct 15
ExeJ is a command-line tool that creates a batchlike executable (EXE file) for your Java application. The command line used to start your Java application is wrapped in the generated executable and the user can simply start the Java application with a doub
Categories: Developer Tools, Java Software
DB ArchitectDB Architect Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 30 Oct 15
DB Architect creates Java objects that map to tables and views in a relational database. It includes templates for Data Access Objects, Value Object, and Entity Beans (BMP). Users can generate Java code based on these templates and use the generated code i
Categories: Developer Tools, Java Software
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