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New Legal & Tax Software Apps for Windows
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Dream DocsDream Docs Windows Version: 1.022
Upload Date: 10 Jul 15
Using Dream Docs, you will be able to practice simple estate planning and add an additional revenue stream to your practice. Dream Docs is an online legal software (SAAS) program which makes it simple, quick and easy to add estate planning to your law prac
Categories: Business & Office Software, Legal & Tax Software
Attorney's AssistantAttorney's Assistant Windows Version: 9.0.2
Upload Date: 10 Jul 15
Shareware 24.95 $
This software will help you with almost every aspect of divorces; from intake through the final hearing, from the most straightforward case through the most complex! Using an option of having clients enter their own data at home, you save valuable paralega
Categories: Business & Office Software, Legal & Tax Software
TVPX 1031 Depreciation SolutionTVPX 1031 Depreciation Solution Windows Version: 5.01
Upload Date: 10 Jul 15
Shareware 25.00 $
TVPX 1031 Depreciation Solution is an extremely efficient way to calculate federal and book depreciation. All depreciation and amortization methods required for federal tax reporting are included in an easy to use calculator format. By filling in a few fie
Categories: Business & Office Software, Legal & Tax Software
California Will BuilderCalifornia Will Builder Windows Version: 1.01
Upload Date: 10 Jul 15
Your last will and testament is the most important document you'll ever sign. You don't want a court to decide how to dispose of your assets. You also don't want a court to decide what happens to your children. The California Will Builder is an easy way to
Categories: Business & Office Software, Legal & Tax Software
Payroll SB 2009 ClassicPayroll SB 2009 Classic Windows Version: 4.1.3
Upload Date: 10 Jul 15
Shareware 29.99 $
Payroll SB 2009 Classic is a software program that is easy to use and includes all the features necessary for quick and accurate processing payroll. It prints checks and generates useful historical reports. The program includes state withholdings tables an
Categories: Business & Office Software, Legal & Tax Software
Tax Apportionment CalculatorTax Apportionment Calculator Windows Version: 6.0
Upload Date: 10 Jul 15
Shareware 10.95 $
The Tax Apportionment Calculator, TAC, is an arithmetical and tax calculator that provides a fast way to calculate and apportion GST or VAT or Sales Tax or Income Tax and other taxes. TAC is for business people, auditors and other users who wish to calcula
Categories: Business & Office Software, Legal & Tax Software
Account Ability 2009 Tax Form PreparationAccount Ability 2009 Tax Form Preparation Windows Version: 18.0
Upload Date: 10 Jul 15
Shareware 169.95 $
Account Ability prepares information returns (1099, 1098, 5498, 3921, 3922, W2G) and annual wage reports (W2, W2C) electronically, on laser, inkjet, and generic dot matrix printers. Returns can be entered via the keyboard or imported from Excel, IRS Pub. 1
Categories: Business & Office Software, Legal & Tax Software
SoftDocket 2006SoftDocket 2006 Windows Version: 1.6
Upload Date: 10 Jul 15
Shareware 99.99 $
SoftDocket is the next generation of legal docketing software for the legal professional. SoftDocket is a merger of traditional and modern legal methodology. SoftDocket was designed to fit the process of the modern law practice, to prevent duplication of w
Categories: Business & Office Software, Legal & Tax Software
STP CaliforniaSTP California Windows Version: 2009.3.304
Upload Date: 9 Jul 15
Shareware 39.00 $
No matter how simple or complex your sales and use tax return, STP - Sales Tax Preparation Software cuts preparation time by at least 90%. Just enter sales data from the company books - by location, by data entry period or by reporting period. STP's though
Categories: Business & Office Software, Legal & Tax Software
Everyone's Legal Forms ProfessionalEveryone's Legal Forms Professional Windows Version: 3.0
Upload Date: 9 Jul 15
The ultimate legal forms software and collection for Filipino lawyers, businessmen, law students, and bar examinees. Contains a wide collection of Philippine legal & business forms. Forms manager allows you to add your own forms to the collection. It also
Categories: Business & Office Software, Legal & Tax Software
RegEx ReplacerRegEx Replacer Windows Version: 2.0
Upload Date: 9 Jul 15
This is a useful utility.It allows to perform text replacement operations with using regular expressions.
Categories: Business & Office Software, Legal & Tax Software
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