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Free MMORPG Apps for Windows
Total: 350
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Lights of Dreams III: The Wings of WindsLights of Dreams III: The Wings of Winds Windows Version: 1.97 updated
Upload Date: 7 Apr 15
Xylvaniel is back and has more power. Fly through 50 worlds and evolve in an outstanding game experience. Altara is under the menace unwelcomed creatures. They invaded this once peaceful city and menaced the local citizens: the Altareans. Xylvan, a hero se
Categories: Games, MMORPG
Conquer OnlineConquer Online Windows Version: 6137 updated
Upload Date: 4 Dec 15
Conquer Online is a free-to-play 2.5D (2D Hand-Drawing scene with 3D character and monster) MMORPG set in the world of ancient China. The game revealed its first debut back in 2003 and currently has more than 10 million registered users around the world. T
Categories: Games, MMORPG
UgarisUgaris Windows Version: 3.1.2
Upload Date: 21 Nov 14
Ugaris is a classic massively multiplayer online role playing game (in short, MMORPG). Ugaris is a remade and evolved version of the Astonia 3 engine by Intent Software. A game, which includes the options of becoming a warrior, mage or perhaps training to
Categories: Games, MMORPG
Dragon Heart OnlineDragon Heart Online Windows Version: 0.99.08
Upload Date: 8 Dec 14
Dragon Heart Online is a turn based MMORPG. And the game is based on a story of reminiscence, all about brave seeking power to beat evilness and save the world. What will players experience in game? At this moment, players will be able to select from
Categories: Games, MMORPG
Nova RaiderNova Raider Windows Version: 2.5.6
Upload Date: 9 Dec 14
Travel through the distant galaxies of Nova Raider whilst you rob your enemies, fight enormous boss monsters and measure yourself against other players in PVP. Create your own guild headquarters and build it up into a real home base, from which you and you
Categories: Games, MMORPG
Curse ClientCurse Client Windows Version: 5.0
Upload Date: 9 Dec 14
The Curse Client is a multi-purpose tool for world of warcraft and Warhammer Online. The main function of the client is to manage addons. Client users can find, install, and manage addons for both games within the program. The client will check for addon u
Categories: Games, MMORPG
Asda 2 : EvolutionAsda 2 : Evolution Windows Version: June 2014
Upload Date: 9 Dec 14
Asda2 has a Soul Mate system where two players can become Soul Mates. If one Soul Mate is offline, the player can help to level up his soul mate's character. Experience will be stored for the Soul Mate that is offline. Soul Mates also have access to specia
Categories: Games, MMORPG
RF OnlineRF Online Windows Version: 062014
Upload Date: 9 Dec 14
RF Online is a sci-fi, fantasy, and action MMORPG that takes place on the planet of Novus. The game focuses on the never-ending conflict between the three races as well as their resistance against Arcane. RF Online focuses on both fantasy and mechanics.
Categories: Games, MMORPG
World of TanksWorld of Tanks Windows Version: 9.0.1
Upload Date: 9 Dec 14
World of Tanks is the greatest team-based massively multiplayer online action game dedicated to armored warfare. Throw yourself into epic tank battles with other players from all over the world, picking from an arsenal of more than 200 historically accurat
Categories: Games, MMORPG
9Dragons9Dragons Windows Version: June 2014
Upload Date: 11 Dec 14
9 Dragons is a martial arts themed MMORPG set in China during the Ming Dynasty. Featuring 5 unique character classes to master and 6 clan types, a wealth of possibilities await the player. Embark on an unforgettable journey and become the hero of the land!
Categories: Games, MMORPG
RiftRift Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 31 Dec 14
The RIFT Free-to-Play model is built on a simple idea: everyone can download, log in, and play the entire game, free. New players have access to all game content - from dungeons and Warfronts to the latest raids - with no level restrictions. Important:
Categories: Games, MMORPG
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