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Moo0 MagnifierMoo0 Magnifier Windows Version: 1.17 updated
Upload Date: 2 May 15
Moo0 Magnifier lets you magnify your screen on sudden demand. You can see some texts or pictures a little bit larger with this tool, you can do it instantaneously by pressing only one key.What is new in this release:Version 1.17 added Chinese (Simplified)
Moo0 ImageInColorsMoo0 ImageInColors Windows Version: 1.24
Upload Date: 23 Jan 15
Moo0 ImageInColors lets you convert images into the ones in different color tones. You just need to drag and drop files onto this software. Moo0 ImageInColors is useful if you are working on designing and wondering about which color tones to choose.What is
Categories: Graphic Design Software, Desktop Publishing Software
Moo0 ImageTypeConverterMoo0 ImageTypeConverter Windows Version: 1.35
Upload Date: 23 Jan 15
Moo0 ImageTypeConverter lets you convert image files into different format. It supports JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, and icon format. You can create even icon files only by dropping ordinary image files onto this software.What is new in this release:Version 1.35 h
Categories: Graphic Design Software, Desktop Publishing Software
Moo0 ScreenShotMoo0 ScreenShot Windows Version: 1.11
Upload Date: 23 Jan 15
Moo0 ScreenShot lets you save your screenshot images to the specific folder. This tool help you when you encounter some Web sites which prevent you from saving their images to the files, you may try the "Window Part" button on this software. It can let you
Categories: Desktop Enhancements, Gadgets & Widgets
Moo0 AudioPlayerMoo0 AudioPlayer Windows Version: 1.56
Upload Date: 22 Jan 15
Moo0 AudioPlayer is an audio player which is very small and simplified for easy use. If you are looking for a lightweight audio player, this may be the one for you. Also, it includes skins in various colors to suit your liking.What is new in this release:V
Categories: Audio Software, Media Players
Moo0 ImageViewerMoo0 ImageViewer Windows Version: 1.78
Upload Date: 22 Jan 15
Moo0 Image Viewer is an image viewer. It has many useful filters in its compact body like "Cartoon Reader" filter can make image texts far more readable, and "Clear Photo" filter can make some pictures look far more dynamic.What is new in this release:Vers
Categories: Digital Photo Software, Media Management
Moo0 ImageViewer SPMoo0 ImageViewer SP Windows Version: 1.78
Upload Date: 22 Jan 15
Shareware 12.00 $
Moo0 ImageViewer SP is an image viewer. It has many useful filters in its compact body like "Cartoon Reader" filter can make image texts far more readable, and "Clear Photo" filter can make some pictures look far more dynamic. It is equipped with edit or s
Categories: Digital Photo Software, Image Viewers
Moo0 SimpleTimerMoo0 SimpleTimer Windows Version: 1.12
Upload Date: 22 Jan 15
Moo0 SimpleTimer is a timer tool. It helps you to be reminded of some specific time or after-duration. This tool currently supports four timer actions which are Play Sound, Open File, Open Web page, and Shutdown System.What is new in this release:Version 1
Categories: Desktop Enhancements, Alarms & Clock Software
Moo0 FFmpegMoo0 FFmpeg Windows Version: 1.05
Upload Date: 22 Jan 15
Moo0 FFmpeg is a custom Windows build of FFmpeg, an excellent command-line video conversion tool more known in Linux world. Using this tool, you can convert most kinds of video / audio files into others, including FLV and other video formats using XviD / x
Categories: Video Software, Video Converters & Rippers & Grabbers
Moo0 RightClicker ProMoo0 RightClicker Pro Windows Version: 1.52
Upload Date: 21 Jan 15
Shareware 26.00 $
Moo0 RightClicker Pro is a set of enhancements on the context menu (right click menu) of Windows explorer. Moo0 RightClicker Pro adds many useful functionalities like duplicating current explorer window, open,move to, or copy to bookmarked folders, and hid
Moo0 TimeStampMoo0 TimeStamp Windows Version: 1.15
Upload Date: 21 Jan 15
Moo0 TimeStamp lets you modify timestamp of files. Using this software, you can modify created, modified and accessed time of single or multiple files through setting specific time, by offset, or time zone setting. If you participate in open source project
Categories: File Management, Disk & File Software
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Moo0 RightClicker Pro
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