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New Spam Filters Apps for Windows
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Bongosoft Anti Spam 2004Bongosoft Anti Spam 2004 Windows Version: 4.3
Upload Date: 27 Oct 15
Shareware 29.95 $
This patent-pending product authenticates the sender of each incoming e-mail message. During installation, your e-mail address book is imported by Bongosoft AntiSpam to form a foundation of 'allowed' senders. If an e-mail arrives from an unknown sender, Bo
Categories: Communication Software, Spam Filters
Email Address EncryptorEmail Address Encryptor Windows Version: 2.0
Upload Date: 27 Oct 15
Shareware 5.99 $
Email Address Encryptor will hide your e-mail address from spammers while keeping it visible to your visitors. Email Address Encryptor will encrypt every e-mail address in every HTML file it finds in a folder on your computer. No limit to the number of tim
Categories: Communication Software, Spam Filters
ECleanEClean Windows Version: 1.4.2
Upload Date: 27 Oct 15
Shareware 29.99 $
EClean can be used in defense against spam and UCEs by anyone with a POP E-mail account. EClean helps you to avoid unsolicited E-mail messages by hiding your mailto: links through encoding, plus as a pre-mail client using powerful self-maintaining whitelis
Categories: Communication Software, Spam Filters
SpamspectorSpamspector Windows Version: 1.53
Upload Date: 27 Oct 15
Shareware 29.95 $
SpamSpector sits between your e-mail program and your mailbox, checking your e-mail as you retrieve it. Any e-mail messages that SpamSpector considers to be spam will be "tagged" with a special header; you simply configure your e-mail client to filter anyt
Categories: Communication Software, Spam Filters
Payya Tec Spam KillerPayya Tec Spam Killer Windows Version: 1.2
Upload Date: 27 Oct 15
Spam Killer is a maintainance-free spam-filtering software that uses a combination of powerful yet flexible methods in order to keep the user inbox free of junk, spam, and unwanted e-mail. Minute SpamKiller is using the dynamic mail servers blacklist servi
Categories: Communication Software, Spam Filters
LashBackLashBack Windows Version: 2.14
Upload Date: 27 Oct 15
When you install LashBack, you ll instantly see the junk e-mail disappear from your Inbox. In addition, LashBack s patented Safe Unsubscribe is the only technology that actually reduces the amount of spam you will receive in the future. LashBack seamless
Categories: Communication Software, Spam Filters
JunkSweepJunkSweep Windows Version: 2.0
Upload Date: 27 Oct 15
Shareware 29.95 $
To use JunkSweep, you need to have Outlook, it is NOT compatible with Outlook Express. Uses highly accurate Artificial/Adaptive Intelligence Technology to block spam, phishing, and other junk mail from your inbox. 99%+ accurate and easy-to-use. Works in mu
Categories: Communication Software, Spam Filters
SpamSnubSpamSnub Windows Version: 2.0
Upload Date: 27 Oct 15
Shareware 19.99 $
SpamSnub uses technology that knows whether a message is spam, and doesn't use formulas, AI, or algorithms to formulate an educated guess if a message is spam because guessing causes false positives. SecureNode offers 95+% spam catch rate, while at the sam
Categories: Communication Software, Spam Filters
Spam PiranhaSpam Piranha Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 27 Oct 15
Shareware 29.95 $
Works with Outlook Express and all e-mail clients. Users have reported spam elimination rates of 98% and greater, while giving peace of mind by ensuring you will never lose any "wanted" e-mails. No approved sender lists or e-mail replies required, Piranha
Categories: Communication Software, Spam Filters
KnockOut SpamKnockOut Spam Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 26 Oct 15
Shareware 19.95 $
KnockOut Spam transparently integrates into Outlook and works with any email account you check in Outlook, POP, IMAP, Exchange, and Hotmail. It uses Bayesian filtering to filter your good email to your Inbox and spam and unsure emails to Inbox sub-folders
Categories: Communication Software, Spam Filters
Mailshell Domino Plug-inMailshell Domino Plug-in Windows Version: 1.0a
Upload Date: 26 Oct 15
The Mailshell Lotus Domino Plugin can create a per user spam folder in Lotus Domino, move tagged incoming spam messages to the spam folder, and log events to a text file. Settings you can configure (all settings are system wide): spam folder name; field, w
Categories: Communication Software, Spam Filters
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