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New Strategy Games Apps for Windows
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Paper WarPaper War Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 8 Mar 15
Paper War is an interesting strategy game for free. Stop the creeps from reaching the end of the path by scribbling over them with your pencil and building turrets. Unlock new turrets, ink colors and achievements as you progress through 20 levels.
Categories: Games, Strategy Games
Tesla War of CurrentsTesla War of Currents Windows Version: 1.08
Upload Date: 8 Mar 15
Tesla vs Edison, keep your team alive and blast your way through each level. Tesla escort war started, you need to control the robot to protect you, and destroy the enemy's base, try to let us together to protect the tesla to complete the mission.
Categories: Games, Strategy Games
Call of CombatCall of Combat Windows Version: 0.386
Upload Date: 27 Feb 15
Shareware 17.00 $
Call of Combat is a multiplayer real-time strategy game, where team synergy, calculated battle plans and their thorough execution are key to victory. Each player orders a squad of 4 soldiers through typical battlefields of World War 2. Players team up and
Categories: Games, Strategy Games
Mars CommandoMars Commando Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 25 Feb 15
Old school defender. Recruit team members, choose various unit addons, build barricades and place mines to strategically deflect approaching waves of hostile alien population. If you like old school strategy defense games the stylish retro game Mars Comman
Categories: Games, Strategy Games
Stronghold 3Stronghold 3 Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 21 Feb 15
Commercial 19.99 $
Now available for PC and Mac, Stronghold 3 Gold arrives with the new Blackstaff 5 mission single player campaign and bonus Historical Sieges. Set during the events of Stronghold 3's military story, the Blackstaff campaign follows Thomas Blackstaff as he hu
Categories: Games, Strategy Games
Glorious NationGlorious Nation Windows Version: 4.3.3
Upload Date: 20 Feb 15
Welcome treacherous visitor to our illustrious nation. Glorious Nation is a city-building game from the point of view of a malevolent dictator. Desperate for tourism, your job is to keep the holiday makers happy while making sure your riotous, ungrateful l
Categories: Games, Strategy Games
Jewelleria GameJewelleria Game Windows Version:
Upload Date: 19 Feb 15
Can you afford luxurious diamond rings or exclusive golden necklaces? Now you can! Learn and make jewelry yourself with diligent Elly. She has to run the old jewelry family business which has received from her father. The goal is to develop your business,
Categories: Games, Strategy Games
Plan It Green GamePlan It Green Game Windows Version:
Upload Date: 18 Feb 15
This is your chance to plan a green city! As mayor of your hometown, through the promise of changing the old ways of the past, you will bring about a new, green future. Work with close supporters to restore this town to its former glory and beauty. Watch a
Categories: Games, Strategy Games
Shaman OdysseyShaman Odyssey Windows Version:
Upload Date: 17 Feb 15
Life on a tropical island may be fun if you're staying at a Club Med, but not if you have to build your home from scratch, constantly wary of pirates and sharks lurking nearby and of looming tropical storms. In the Time Management game Shaman Odyssey: Trop
Categories: Games, Strategy Games
Battleline: Steel WarfareBattleline: Steel Warfare Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 14 Feb 15
Strategy is key in BATTLELINE: STEEL WARFARE, and each victory contributes to a team's dominance in the international theater of war. The game is named after its main mode where teams push a visible BATTLELINE back and forth as they take objectives and man
Categories: Games, Strategy Games
Wargame ProjectWargame Project Windows Version:
Upload Date: 14 Feb 15
WargameProject is a sophisticated turn-based strategy game in a pseudomedieval fantasy world. It can be played Single player (Campaign) or network multiplayer (Battle Server). There are 3 playing sides in the game - Men, Dwarves and Dark. Each has unique g
Categories: Games, Strategy Games
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