Grandstream GXV3674HD VF IP Camera Firmware for Windows Free Download in VOIP Drivers Tag

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Grandstream GXV3674HD VF IP Camera Firmware

Grandstream GXV3674HD VF IP Camera Firmware
Version: updated
Platforms: Windows

Categories: Drivers
Upload Date: 24 Jul 15
Developer: Grandstream
Distribution Type: Freeware
Downloads: 3
File Size: 19765 Kb
Free Download Grandstream GXV3674HD VF IP Camera Firmware 

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- Fixed ONVIF Profile 0/1 included false fixed token.
- Fixed TELNET security issue, user with viewer privilege able to factory reset the device.
- Fixed ONVIF connection would fail if the username of IPC with more than 20 Chinese characters.
- Fixed ONVIF “GetSystemDateTime” error in the returned value.
- Fixed WebControl issue that user cannot change the recording file path and always using default path with Firefox/Chrome browser.
- Fixed WebControl issue that capture folder name cannot be revised or adjusted.
- Fixed SIP number truncated if SIP phone number more than 15 characters.
- Fixed typo in the plugin “Videoplugine.exe”.
- Fixed cannot set static IP without DNS configured.
- Fixed changing IP address from DHCP to Static via “GS_Search” tool, the device will revert back to previous IP after a while.
- Fixed FHD models when configuring Privacy Mask the marked private area would turn green and alarm error message.
- Fixed GXV3611IR_HD the auto video recording would trigger motion detection alarm and cause device to reboot itself.


- Added option to upload JPEG image into subfolders by date.
- Revised WebGUI wording from “Enable two-way audio warning mode” to “Enable two-way SIP calling”.
- AVI file format will be used for WebControl recording, playback tool, and compliant with old h.264 format
- Security enhancement: Disable TELNET function by default.
- Delete the word “Remove” in SIP Web Setting Page.
- Adjusted Brightness default value from 0 to 128.
- Improve ONVIF system time setting, system web page by adding webGUI for ONVIF time zone display.
- Added GXV3611IR_HD and related models to support “Store to SD card option” when using Time Lapse Photography mode.
- Added HTTP API to get the IP Camera encoding parameter lists for GVR3550.
- Added ONVIF support of set Preset Name include “’”.
- Added SIP Call Limitation and Protection: No new outbound SIP calls if there is one SIP call in session or ongoing.
- Added SIP Limitation: No direct IP or peering IP call if using TCP or TLS/TCP as SIP transport protocol.


- Audio Output background white noise is a little high.

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