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New Installers Apps for Windows 2003
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Quick License ManagerQuick License Manager Windows Version: 9.2.16264.2 updated
Upload Date: 11 Nov 16
Shareware 200.00 $
Quick License Manager (QLM) is a manager that creates professional and secure license keys to protect your software against piracy. QLM creates trial keys, machine bound keys and software activation keys. QLM can protect applications developed in .NET, ASP
Categories: Developer Tools, Installers
AntiDuplicateAntiDuplicate Windows Version:
Upload Date: 30 Oct 16
Shareware 144.00 $
AntiDuplicate is a tool to create hardware keys for your software protection - by your ordinary computer. Software developers prepare hardware keys (dongles) from standard USB flash drives. The result is the durable compact media for software distribution
Categories: Developer Tools, Installers
Centurion SetupCenturion Setup Windows Version: 29.0 updated
Upload Date: 2 Oct 16
Shareware 85.00 $
After putting a lot of effort into your software, it's time to distribute it. Don't spend weeks wrestling with a complicated installation builder when you are so close to being done. Centurion Setup is extremely easy to use, and you can have a profession
Categories: Developer Tools, Installers
PACE Suite PortablePACE Suite Portable Windows Version: 4.1 updated
Upload Date: 2 Oct 16
Shareware 1400.00 $
PACE Suite is a toolset enabling to repackage, create, edit, customize Windows Installer (MSI) and App-V packages. Provides powerful features, but is easy-to-use. Good for both packagers and sys admins. With PACE Suite you will: minimize routine efforts an
Categories: Developer Tools, Installers
Setup FactorySetup Factory Windows Version: updated
Upload Date: 11 Mar 16
Shareware 395.00 $
Setup Factory 9 is the result of over a decade of experience in creating software installation tools. Unlike other installer builders that require week-long training courses in order to get up to speed, Setup Factory was designed to be fast and easy to use
Categories: Developer Tools, Installers
SamLogic Visual InstallerSamLogic Visual Installer Windows Version: 10.5.16 updated
Upload Date: 11 Mar 16
Shareware 149.00 $
SamLogic Visual Installer is a powerful setup tool that can create a distributable setup package in minutes. Via an easy-to-use setup wizard the end-user can install your files in his/her computer effortlessly. The created setup package can be distributed
Categories: Developer Tools, Installers
Application LicensingApplication Licensing Windows Version: updated
Upload Date: 4 Dec 15
The Application Licensing software is in two parts. The first part is a control which is simply embedded into your application. The second part is an area of the Application Licensing website which your software will them communicate with. The AppLic Secur
Categories: Developer Tools, Installers
HM NIS EditHM NIS Edit Windows Version: 2.0.3
Upload Date: 26 Oct 15
HM NIS Edit is the best Editor/IDE for Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS). Its useful for experts and beginners in the creation of Setup programs with the NSIS. Its Script Wizard will help you to create standard Setup programs with only few clicks,
Categories: Developer Tools, Installers
AutorunMagickAutorunMagick Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 25 Oct 15
Shareware 15.95 $
AutorunMagick offers fast and efficient way of bulding autorun programs. You can build your own autoruns within two minutes. Even beginners can create their own autoruns and customize them in detail to fit their needs. You can import and display pictures,
Categories: Developer Tools, Installers
MyUpdate ToolkitMyUpdate Toolkit Windows Version: 1.4
Upload Date: 22 Sep 15
Shareware 25.00 $
The powerful software update utility designed for IT administrators and software developers to easily and quickly integrate update functionality into new and existing products with minimal effort. Features: Custom logos and artwork, advanced versioning sys
Categories: Developer Tools, Installers
DeployMasterDeployMaster Windows Version: 4.2.3 updated
Upload Date: 20 Sep 15
Shareware 99.00 $
DeployMaster is the solution you need to distribute your Windows software or other computer files, via the Internet or on CD or DVD. DeployMaster can create a single installer that installs your software on Windows platform. DeployMaster creates small and
Categories: Developer Tools, Installers
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Windows 2003

SamLogic Visual Installer
New Software
26.10HM NIS Edit
22.09MyUpdate Toolkit
16.04Visual Build Professional (64-bit)
16.04Visual Build Professional
15.04InstallSimple Portable
15.04InstallSimple Pro Portable
15.04InstallSimple Pro
15.04Exe to Msi Converter Pro
15.04InstallAware NX
15.04Flash Packer
15.04InstallAware Virtualization
11.04Astrum InstallWizard
03.03QuickFix SFX Lite Builder
01.03BitRock InstallBuilder Enterprise
19.02Key Generator Lite
27.01InstallAware Studio Admin Install Builder
26.01Wordpress Uploader
26.01Inno Setup Compiler
26.01USSU Unlimited
25.01BitNami ResourceSpace
25.01BitNami Review Board
25.01BitNami Chyrp
25.01BitNami Moodle Stack
25.01FinalBuilder Server
25.01Smart Packer Pro
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11Quick License Manager
13QuickFix SFX Lite Builder
14InstallAware Studio for Windows Installer
15Exe to Msi Converter Free
16MSI Editor Portable
17BitNami Apache Solr Stack
18EMCO MSI Package Builder Starter Edition
19EMCO MSI Package Builder Enterprise
20SamLogic Visual Installer
21MSI Generator
22Inno Setup Compiler
23InstallAware NX
24BitRock InstallBuilder
25MSI Editor
26App-V Generator
27Astrum InstallWizard
28Visual Patch
29Spia Net Screen
30DCP Setup Maker
Updated Software
11.11Quick License Manager
2.10Centurion Setup
2.10PACE Suite Portable
11.03Setup Factory
11.03SamLogic Visual Installer
4.12Application Licensing
20.09Serial Key Generator
20.09Serial Key Generator (64 bit)
25.02Visual Patch
14.02MSI Editor
14.02MSI Generator
15.12Cydia Installer
8.12Kwatee Agile Deployment

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