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New IDE Software & SDK Apps for Windows NT
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NewDigitalTimes App StudioNewDigitalTimes App Studio Windows Version: 1.2.9 updated
Upload Date: 6 Feb 16
NewDigitalTimes App Builder allows creating many Android and iOS apps to connect them in one big advertisement net. You add content into NDT App Builder, make two clicks and receive two apps for the most popular mobile platforms.What is new in this release
Categories: Developer Tools, IDE Software & SDK
REBOL/CoreREBOL/Core Windows Version: 2.3
Upload Date: 6 Dec 15
REBOL/Core is a network messaging language designed to offer a new method for exchange and interpretation of information on the Internet. The REBOL language provides a way for you to model the exchange and flow of information in today's distribution enviro
Categories: Developer Tools, IDE Software & SDK
C Styled ScriptC Styled Script Windows Version: 3.04
Upload Date: 6 Dec 15
C Styled Script (CSS) is a script/macro programming language. CSS follows the C syntax and will seem familiar to C, C++, or Java programmers. CSS comes with ready-to-use libraries not only for system, string, and file handling, but also for direct access t
Categories: Developer Tools, IDE Software & SDK
Visual Basic UpdaterVisual Basic Updater Windows Version: 2.0.6108
Upload Date: 6 Dec 15
The Vba232a.exe file contains an update of Vba232.dll, which is included with Microsoft Access for Windows 95, version 7.0, and Microsoft Visual Basic, version 4.0 Far East. The update fixes a problem with invalid page faults, which may occur in the follow
Categories: Developer Tools, IDE Software & SDK
BetterState LiteBetterState Lite Windows Version: 6.0.1
Upload Date: 5 Dec 15
BetterState Lite is a limited version of BetterState, which is a graphical programming tool based on Statecharts and Flowcharts. With graphical specification, automatic code generation, graphical debugging, and round-trip engineering, BetterState offers em
Categories: Developer Tools, IDE Software & SDK
TCP Server DeuxTCP Server Deux Windows Version: 1.0.0
Upload Date: 4 Nov 15
Shareware 195.00 $
TCP Server Deux allows 4D developers to run one or more higher level protocol servers in a single 4D database without have to code for multiple listeners, threading, messaging, or many of the other functional elements that often complicate custom servers i
Categories: Developer Tools, IDE Software & SDK
ActiveDeveloperActiveDeveloper Windows Version: 2.10
Upload Date: 3 Nov 15
ActiveDeveloper is a Smalltalk-like runtime object IDE that allows you to interactively explore, develop, and test your applications directly while they run. By cutting the usual edit-compile-play cycle down to one step, ActiveDeveloper speeds up the explo
Categories: Developer Tools, IDE Software & SDK
C Memory ScavengerC Memory Scavenger Windows Version: 1.1
Upload Date: 3 Nov 15
Shareware 149.00 $
C Memory Scavenger is designed both to trace and to hunt down memory leaks in C code. Using the trace part gives you information about outstanding memory allocations at any time. Using the hunt down part makes the product act like a semi-automatic garbage
Categories: Developer Tools, IDE Software & SDK
VBIndentVBIndent Windows Version: 6.8
Upload Date: 2 Nov 15
Shareware 99.95 $
VBIndent profiles Visual Basic source code and reformats it by indenting, adding headers, standardizing and renaming variables according to configured naming conventions, and finding errors that the VB environment won't. All features are selectable and con
Categories: Developer Tools, IDE Software & SDK
Soloway ControlsSoloway Controls Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 2 Nov 15
Shareware 60.00 $
From the developer: "Soloway Controls is software designed to make game development in DirectX easy. A drag and drop interface allows you to design all your game screens without writing a single line of code. You can then link an easy to use class library
Categories: Developer Tools, IDE Software & SDK
ManhattanManhattan Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 2 Nov 15
Shareware 29.00 $
From the developer: "Manhattan performs automatic code reviews of your C/C++/Java projects. In addition to the usual counters on comments, assertions, average line per method, etc, you get to see your code in a very unusual way: a 3D city with buildings, s
Categories: Developer Tools, IDE Software & SDK
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Visual Basic Updater
New Software
06.12C Styled Script
06.12Visual Basic Updater
05.12BetterState Lite
04.11TCP Server Deux
03.11C Memory Scavenger
02.11Soloway Controls
02.11BlackBox Component Builder
01.11Advanced SWF Authoring Extension
01.11Relsoft DLL Compiler
01.11CG Pro
30.10Maguma Workbench
30.10Palm OS Emulator
29.10Power Assembler 32
29.10SPROC Function Builder
29.10WithClass 2000
29.10PDA Toolbox
29.10ACE (Another C++ Editor)
28.10Viewtier Devenv
28.10SourceSafe Addin
28.10EasyVideo ActiveX Control
28.10Programmers IDE 2000
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6.02NewDigitalTimes App Studio
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19.09Foo Basic Web Studio

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