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New Spam Filters Apps for Windows NT
Total: 133
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Dewqs' Absolutely No SpamDewqs' Absolutely No Spam Windows Version: 2.5
Upload Date: 3 Nov 15
Shareware 35.00 $
Dewqs' ANS is a spam screener, and control tower, for up to 25 POP email accounts. Its heuristic engine, with an integrated statistical dictionary of over 5000 words and expressions, can be updated via the Web (registered users only). NMS operates from two
Categories: Communication Software, Spam Filters
SpamaidsSpamaids Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 3 Nov 15
Shareware 20.00 $
The program connects to your pop server and checks each e-mail to see if it's spam or an address you don't want to get mail from, if it detects such an e-mail you can either delete it, or bounce it back to the sender. Set up your own custom rule lists, a l
Categories: Communication Software, Spam Filters
LashBack: UniversalLashBack: Universal Windows Version: 2.15
Upload Date: 3 Nov 15
Shareware 29.99 $
Don't waste time following links or filling out forms just to get out of spam lists. LashBack is an all-new, patented software package that installs to nearly all Windows-based PCs and is so simple that anyone can install and use it. Simply forward offendi
Categories: Communication Software, Spam Filters
Apdsoft Mail Filter and ForwarderApdsoft Mail Filter and Forwarder Windows Version: 2.15
Upload Date: 2 Nov 15
Shareware 30.00 $
With the use of Apdsoft Mail Filter and Forwarder, spam and junk mail can be automatically filtered out by keywords, key phrases, recipient and sender addressing, attachment types and size, domains and countries of the mail servers used to relay the messag
Categories: Communication Software, Spam Filters
Herbivore Distributed Anti Spam FilterHerbivore Distributed Anti Spam Filter Windows Version: 5.0
Upload Date: 2 Nov 15
Shareware 9.95 $
Herbivore is a anti spam filter that utilizes the email messege content to identify and screen spam mail based on the amount of times the message has been sent to the network of Herbivore users. Herbivore eliminates email popups, provides a 'friends list',
Categories: Communication Software, Spam Filters
MailSwordMailSword Windows Version: 1.61
Upload Date: 2 Nov 15
For every email received from an unknown sender MailSword automatically verifies whether the sender is in fact human by asking the sender to type a 4-digit passcode. All legitimate unknown senders are able to easily confirm their email. The spam will never
Categories: Communication Software, Spam Filters
Spam Alarm for Outlook ExpressSpam Alarm for Outlook Express Windows Version:
Upload Date: 2 Nov 15
Shareware 24.95 $
Spam Alarm for Outlook Express is an anti-spam and junk e-mail filtering tool. It is designed to prevent unwanted mail from your Outlook Express Inbox. It works as a plug-in in Microsoft Outlook Express 2000/2002.Requirements:Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP, O
Categories: Communication Software, Spam Filters
@Spam@Spam Windows Version: 3.0
Upload Date: 2 Nov 15
Shareware 33.00 $
@Spam's robust multi-filter system verifies and quarantines the spam and junk mails, providing the Outlook users a spam-free inbox. Features include built-in header, logical filter, user defined filters, content based anti-filters, report and bounce spamme
Categories: Communication Software, Spam Filters
Spam Nullifier ProSpam Nullifier Pro Windows Version: 3.0
Upload Date: 2 Nov 15
Shareware 24.95 $
Eliminate Junk E-Mail Spam, Viruses, Trojans, and Spyware. Works with POP3, IMAP, and HTTP servers like Yahoo! and Hotmail. This Anti Spam Filter - powerful e-mail checker programs with effective Spam elimination. Discover the safe way to stop unwanted vir
Categories: Communication Software, Spam Filters
Spam CyberFighter 2004Spam CyberFighter 2004 Windows Version: 2.0
Upload Date: 2 Nov 15
Shareware 18.85 $
Spam CyberFighter features 6 types of filters; automatic system of sending of the complaints and error messages to the sender; huge number of standard filters; huge database of spammer e-mails; built-in system of self-updating. You can manage e-mail direct
Categories: Communication Software, Spam Filters
VetoMailVetoMail Windows Version: 1.02
Upload Date: 1 Nov 15
Shareware 2.00 $
VetoMail completely protects your Outlook and Outlook Express in-boxes from incoming spam in under three minutes. Easy to install, VetoMail ensures that you receive only the e-mail you want. It runs unobtrusively in the system tray, has no complicated rule
Categories: Communication Software, Spam Filters
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Windows NT

New Software
03.11Dewqs' Absolutely No Spam
03.11LashBack: Universal
02.11Apdsoft Mail Filter and Forwarder
02.11Herbivore Distributed Anti Spam Filter
02.11Spam Alarm for Outlook Express
02.11Spam Nullifier Pro
02.11Spam CyberFighter 2004
01.11WyvernWorks Spam Away 2004
01.11Mail Inspector 2004
01.11Mailshell Exchange Plug-in
01.11Outlook Spam Filter
01.11UseBestMail Personal Edition
31.10Anti-Spam Desktop Universal
31.10Mailshell Anti-Spam Desktop
31.10Clear Search Anti-Phishing Monitor
31.10Spamagogo Outlook Plugin
31.10Avantrix SafeCheck
30.10AntispamServant plugin for The Bat
30.10Anti-Spam 2006
29.10WorkgroupMail (German)
29.10Spam CounterStrike
29.10Trust Filter
29.10Messenger Service Spam Filter
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20No Spam Today for Servers
21Virtual Spam Prevention
22AntispamSniper for The Bat
23Dewqs' Absolutely No Spam
25LashBack: Universal
26Apdsoft Mail Filter and Forwarder
27Herbivore Distributed Anti Spam Filter
29Spam Alarm for Outlook Express
Updated Software
8.07AntispamSniper for The Bat

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