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New Debugging Software Apps for Windows Vista
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Serial Port UtilitySerial Port Utility Windows Version: 2.6.8 updated
Upload Date: 9 Aug 16
Shareware 19.98 $
Serial Port Utility is a professional communication software for serial port. Serialport Utility makes it more efficient for development of hardware-software application. It will boost the speed to design, development, debug and test applications and hardw
Categories: Developer Tools, Debugging Software
LogFilterLogFilter Windows Version: 1.1 build 156 updated
Upload Date: 8 Apr 16
LogFilter is an editor for text-based logfiles with advanced filtering capabilities. Using LogFilter, you can quickly and easily filter out extraneous data in your files allowing you to focus on just the data you're interested in. LogFilter does the work
Categories: Developer Tools, Debugging Software
Affinic DebuggerAffinic Debugger Windows Version: 2.0.1
Upload Date: 6 Feb 16
Affinic Debugger, .aka. ADG, is designed to be your everyday graphical user interface (GUI) for various debuggers. This build is specifically targeted on GDB, the GNU debugger and LLDB, the LLVM debugger. With the graphical windows, ADG can unleash the ful
Categories: Developer Tools, Debugging Software
Windows Log InspectorWindows Log Inspector Windows Version: 2.5
Upload Date: 6 Feb 16
Realtime monitor local or remote file through http or ssh protocol, grab what you need in a moment Watch for every file update in real time, tail log file even on remote addresses. Be amazed with coloring syntax and enanched user interface. Monitor log f
Categories: Developer Tools, Debugging Software
Windows Log AnalyzerWindows Log Analyzer Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 6 Feb 16
Find log your are looking for over thousands of lines by transforming every log into a record Transform log entries in a smart table data to search, filter, catalog and analyze log files at extreme performance. Your ultimate log viewer resource. For fr
Categories: Developer Tools, Debugging Software
jBixbejBixbe Windows Version: 1
Upload Date: 23 Sep 15
Shareware 189.00 $
jBixbe gives you a new innovative way to debug and visualize Java applications on the conceptual level of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) at which they are designed and makes it possible to find weaknesses and insufficiencies in application design. It
Categories: Developer Tools, Debugging Software
K2xMonK2xMon Windows Version: 1.2
Upload Date: 22 Sep 15
K2xMon is a standalone utility that captures memory dumps on the fly, without attaching an external debugger, or terminating target processes. Generated dump files can be analyzed by using standard debugging tools such as WinDbg. Version 1.2 adds Post-mor
Categories: Developer Tools, Debugging Software
Compa BugTrackerCompa BugTracker Windows Version: 1
Upload Date: 22 Sep 15
BugTracker is simple and easy to use desktop-based bug-tracking program developed primarily for small software companies. It's capabilities, along with simple and intuitive interface, can help you in managing previous and newly discovered bugs in your proj
Categories: Developer Tools, Debugging Software
Bill Serial Port MonitorBill Serial Port Monitor Windows Version: 3.0S
Upload Date: 22 Sep 15
Shareware 95.00 $
To monitor (bi-directional) Serial communication RS-232 between two devices without physical cable, you can use the freeware Bill Serial Monitor. This freeware enable you to view, log, test and analyse the activity of the serial RS-232 port. If you want to
Categories: Developer Tools, Debugging Software
Axosoft OnTime 2007 Web EditionAxosoft OnTime 2007 Web Edition Windows Version: 7.1
Upload Date: 22 Sep 15
OnTime Web Server is a Team-Based Project Management Sytem for tracking software bugs, defects, issues, feature requests and helpdesk incidents. Designed with ASP.NET and SQL Server, OnTime provides a fast and scalable system for defect tracking (bug track
Categories: Developer Tools, Debugging Software
Issue TrackerIssue Tracker Windows Version: 2
Upload Date: 21 Sep 15
Issue Tracker is a newly developed intuitive bug tracking and project management system. It offers such features as the ability to sort and search, control user access, and receive email notification. This version is the first release on CNET
Categories: Developer Tools, Debugging Software
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Random Application For
Windows Vista

Axosoft OnTime 2007 Web Edition
New Software
06.02Affinic Debugger
06.02Windows Log Inspector
06.02Windows Log Analyzer
22.09Compa BugTracker
22.09Bill Serial Port Monitor
22.09Axosoft OnTime 2007 Web Edition
21.09Issue Tracker
21.09CLR Managed Debugger (mdbg) Sample
21.09Debug Diagnostic Tool
21.09Auto Debug for Windows
19.09Ampare PHP Short Tag to Long Tag
08.07Php Debugger&Editor
07.05Auto Debug for x64
16.04Zeta Test
16.04BitNami Magento Stack
15.04Charles Web Debugging (32 bit)
15.04Charles Web Debugging (64 bit)
15.04GlowCode (64-bit)
15.04Runtime Flow
15.04Comm Operator Pal
11.04Legit Log Viewer
Popular Software
2VBReFormer Professional Edition
4Advanced USB Port Monitor
5BitNami Redmine Stack
7EPS Debugger
8Java Development Kit (32 bit)
9VB Decompiler Lite
10Affinic Debugger GUI for GDB
11Remote TestKit
12DLL Export Viewer
15PEBrowse Professional (64-bit)
16DLL Export Viewer (64-bit)
17Serial Port Utility
19RMTrack Issue Tracking
20Cppcheck Portable
21DebugView Portable
22HTTP Debugger Pro
23Java Development Kit (64-Bit)
24Auto Debug for Windows
25VB Decompiler
27Axosoft OnTime 2007 Web Edition
28PE Section Name Modifier
29Barcode Scanner ASCII String Decoder
30Comm Operator Pal
Updated Software
9.08Serial Port Utility
20.01Automation Spy

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