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New Java Software Apps for Windows Vista
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Java SE Development KitJava SE Development Kit Windows Version: 7
Upload Date: 21 Sep 15
Java SE Development Kit (JDK) is the next Java platform by Sun Microsystems. JDK7 and JDK6 source snapshots under the JRL license are now available through subversion repository. jdk.researcher or jdk.contributor role for JDK project is required to access
Categories: Developer Tools, Java Software
CrococryptLibCrococryptLib Windows Version: 1.3
Upload Date: 19 Sep 15
Shareware 939.00 $
CrococryptLib for Java: The easiest way to integrate encryption into your application With this library anybody can write encryption and other crypto services! - Do you know about AES block cipher modes like CBC or parameters like initialization vectors?
Categories: Developer Tools, Java Software
jPDFFieldsjPDFFields Windows Version: 3.1
Upload Date: 16 Apr 15
Shareware 400.00 $
jPDFFields is a Java library to work with interactive PDF forms in both AcroForm and XFA formats. jPDFFields allows your application to get and set field values and can also import and export to FDF, XFDF and XDP formats. Additionally, jPDFFields can also
Categories: Developer Tools, Java Software
BitNami Tomcat StackBitNami Tomcat Stack Windows Version: 7.0.32-0
Upload Date: 16 Apr 15
BitNami Tomcat Stack simplifies the development and deployment of Java applications. It includes ready-to-run versions of Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, and Java and required dependencies. It can be deployed using a native installer, as a virtual machine or in the
Categories: Developer Tools, Java Software
CodePorting C#2Java Visual Studio AddinCodePorting C#2Java Visual Studio Addin Windows Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 16 Apr 15
CodePorting C#2Java is a web-based tool for converting C# applications, projects and source code into Java. C# to Java code porting add-in for C# converts source code right from Visual Studio and this functionality is provided using CodePorting APIs.
Categories: Developer Tools, Java Software
SSH System Administration ToolSSH System Administration Tool Windows Version:
Upload Date: 16 Apr 15
ssh Java interface for Unix, Linux and MS Windows system administration. Allows you to remotely access and control your servers through google talk. Automates firewall rule checks; exporting the results into Excel. Allows you to run multiple Unix commands
Categories: Developer Tools, Java Software
WaveMakerWaveMaker Windows Version: 6.4.6
Upload Date: 16 Apr 15
WaveMaker is an open & easy-to-use web development platform. Using its visual, drag & drop tools, any developer can build applications with minimal learning curve. Creates standard Java apps with 98% less code. Visual RAD tool based on Spring/Hibernate/Doj
Categories: Developer Tools, Java Software
Java Bridge to ExchangeJava Bridge to Exchange Windows Version: 1.4.6
Upload Date: 16 Apr 15
Shareware 297.00 $
Java Bridge to Exchange is an effective solution to access data stored in the Microsoft Exchange server from Java. Exchange items like e-mails, contacts and appointments can be accessed, created, imported or exported with the library. It enables your Java
Categories: Developer Tools, Java Software
Java Excel ConnectorJava Excel Connector Windows Version: 1.2.4
Upload Date: 16 Apr 15
Shareware 187.00 $
The Java Excel Connector product allows Java developers to read, create or modify Excel documents. The library handles Excel workbooks, worksheets, cells, and charts. Using automation the connector allows an easy Microsoft Excel integration. The Java Excel
Categories: Developer Tools, Java Software
GlassFish Enterprise ServerGlassFish Enterprise Server Windows Version:
Upload Date: 16 Apr 15
GlassFish Enterprise Server provides a small footprint, fully featured Java EE application server that is completely supported for commercial deployment and is available as a standalone offering. Oracle GlassFish Server is part of the Oracle Fusion Middlew
Categories: Developer Tools, Java Software
DynamicReportsDynamicReports Windows Version: 3.0.1
Upload Date: 15 Apr 15
DynamicReports is an open source Java reporting library based on JasperReports. The main benefit of this library is a dynamic report design and no need for a visual report designer. You can very quickly create reports and produce documents which can be dis
Categories: Developer Tools, Java Software
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Windows Vista

New Software
05.12330 Java Tips
03.11JadeIDE for Java
02.11DS ClockWipe
29.10DS ShearText
29.10DS XBlurText
29.10Advanced Data Grid Control
24.10JOConnection Builder
23.09WorkRoll Bug Tracker and Feedback Manager
23.09JAR Maker
23.09JDBaccess for MySql
23.09JDBaccess for Oracle
23.09Genetic Algorithms Class Library
23.09Text Editor
22.09Properties Editor
22.09SourceGlider for Eclipse
22.09Password Generator by Vivek Narayanan
22.09netZOND Real-time Graphing Applet
22.09ElegantJ Chart Library
22.09ElegantJ Chart Designer IDE
22.09ElegantJ Indicators & Gauges
22.09Barcode for Java
22.09JBlitz Professional
22.09ElegantJ PDF Library
22.09MiG Layout
22.09Questionaire Maker
Popular Software
1JavaFX Scene Builder (64-Bit)
2Free JSON Editor
3JavaFX Scene Builder (32-Bit)
4GlassFish Enterprise Server
5Free JavaScript Editor
7License Generation and Activation Server
8Allatori Java Obfuscator
9SSH System Administration Tool
10Bytecode Viewer
12DJ Java Decompiler
20Aspose.OCR for Java
21Jar2Exe Portable (64-Bit)
22SecureTeam Java Decompiler
23.INF File Generator
25Java Antidecompiler
26Aspose Slides for Java
27Horoscope API
28Jar2Exe (64-Bit)
29Java Service Wrapper Pro (64-bit)
30DJ Native Swing
Updated Software
30.11RapidSpell Web Java
1.09License Generation and Activation Server
4.12Allatori Java Obfuscator
10.04DJ Java Decompiler
14.02Bytecode Viewer

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