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Easy Video Maker

Easy Video Maker
Version: 6.35 updated
Platforms: Windows

Categories: Video Software
Upload Date: 11 Nov 16
Developer: RZfun
Distribution Type: Freeware
Downloads: 267
File Size: 46166 Kb
Free Download Easy Video Maker 

Rating: 4.5/5 (Total votes: 2)

Easy Video Maker provides the total solution of editing, creating, making videos/movies. With Easy Video Maker, we can: Create/Make high quality 2D or 3D video/movie from various formats of video clips, pictures, audios, musics, lyrics, texts, subtitles. Quickly mass Make Videos in batches, videos/movies can be mass produced. Powerful Video Editor, easy to cut, trim, split, join, mix, merge, crop, resize, rotate, zoom in/out, fade in/out, take video snapshots, video chroma key, change video color, change video shape. Powerful Audio Editor, easy to edit any formats audios, such as cut, split, join, mix, merge, adjust volume, fade in/out, audio chorus, speed up/down. Easy to convert any format video files between different formats. Powerful Lyrics Video Maker, easy to make wonderful 2D/3D lyrics video. Powerful Karaoke Video Maker, easy to make wonderful 2D/3D Karaoke video. Powerful Movie Credits Maker, easy to make the high quality movie credits, or scrolling texts video. Powerful "Audio Shake Effect" module, easy to make the Audio Shake, make video shakes to the beat, even make anything react to audio, such as video, image, text, lyrics, movie credits, audio wave, particle effect. Record/Capture high quality videos from screen, cameras, capture cards. Record/Capture high quality audios from any audio device, audio input pin such as online streaming audio, radio, audio players, game playing audio, Line In , Microphone, Stereo Mix, Mono Mix, Aux, Video, CD Audio, Phone Line. Mix multiple videos/pictures on the same screen(PIP effect, videos in video, pictures in picture). Overlay Videos/Pictures, supports multiple overlay layers. Mix multiple audios/musics, such as, mix different musical instrument sounds, or add music and dubbing voice in the movie. Video Chroma Key(Greeen screen video). Easy to add Special Effects onto video clips, images, texts, etc. Provides 100+ cool Special Effects. Easy to add cool Motion Effects onto video clips, images, texts, lyrics. Easy to add cool Mask Effect(light and shadow effects) onto video clips, images, texts, lyrics. Easy to add cool Transition Effects between video clips or images, provides hundreds of cool 2D and 3D Transition Effects. Easy to speed up/down the playback speed of video/audio. Supports all 32bit and 64bit windows.

What is new in this release:

Version 6.35

  • With the new "Audio Shake Effect" module, we can easy to make the Audio Shake, make video shakes to the beat, even make anything react to audio, such as video, image, text, lyrics, movie credits, audio wave, particle effect.
  • With the new "Audio Shake Effect" module, we can easy to create wonderful music video with Rhythmic 'Beat-shake' Effect, put popping text and screen shake/zoom effect on your video, video to bounce to the bass in the beat like the audio waves do.
  • Now we can set the different 3D Layout for each Lyrics Line within "Lyric Maker" module, that will help us easy to create the wonderful 3D lyrics video.
  • Now we can set the Reference Line directly when saving the project as a Template.
  • Now the program will auto save all previous configuration within "REC" module.
  • Change the icons of some buttons in the program user interface, looks like more clearly.
  • Fixed bugs - fixed all reported bugs.
  • What is new in version 6.23:

    Version 6.23:

  • Added "Audio Mixer" module, now we can mix multiple audios/musics easier.
  • Now we can make the Particle Effect more lifelikeness, just need to enable "Emit density controlled by audio" option(Right click the Particle Effect in Overlay Line to check this option).
  • Now we can easy to create multiple-layer lyrics within "Lyric Maker" module, that will help us easy to create the lyrics video of the duo, trio, and ensemble.
  • Now we can directly save the Background and Particle Effect in the lyrics file.
  • Now we can set the bouncing ball highlighting only one word at a time within "Lyric Maker" module.
  • Now we can directly save the video snapshots as image files within "Take Snapshots" module.
  • Now we can directly drag multiple items down the Timeline area.
  • Now we can directly copy all items from one Overlay Line or Text Line into another one Overlay Line or Text Line.
  • Now we can directly use blurred background instead of annoying black bars, just need to check and enable "Fill Blur for Keep Ratio" option(simply right click item in Video Line, then check "Video/Image Fill Mode -> Fill Blur for Keep Ratio" option).
  • Now we can directly save all previous configuration within REC Module.
  • Now the program supported "Big Font" mode, with this mode the old users will find the program more clearly and more comfortable to use.
  • Now the "Audio VU Meter" module provided more demos.
  • Now the "Font Option" module provided more options.
  • Fixed bugs - fixed all reported bugs.
  • What is new in version 6.02:

    Version 6.02:

    • Added "The Movie Credits" module, now we can easy to create the movie credits, or create the cool scrolling texts video easier.
    • Added "Particle Effects" module, provided hundreds of wonderful Particles Effects, and even we can easy to customize the Particles Effect.
    • With "Particle Effects" module, now we can essy to add the wonderful Particles Effects in your videos, pics, lyrics, credits, etc.
    • New Engine, Supports DirectX and OpenGL, more stable and faster.
    • Fixed bugs - fiexed all reported bugs.

    What is new in version 5.26:

    Version 5.26

    • New "Split" function, now it's the easier to Split videos or audios.
    • Added the "Retime recorded" option In "Lyric Maker" module, if checked this option, the left panel will be synchronised to the right assign lyrics panel, that will help you easy to fix mistake of recorded lyrics.
    • Added buttons(Pervious, Next) to scroll to other Paragraph directly when setting the layout of a Paragraph.
    • In "Lyric Maker" module, now we can directly insert a new line after the selected line.
    • Added "Zoom line height" option in "Lyric Maker" module to zoom in/out the recorded lyrics list.
    • New "Intelligent Target Name Editor" module, help us quickly customize the file name for a batch of target files, or directly load file name of all target files from a txt file.
    • Now the Audio Line will auto displays the "Audio Waveform data" view when add an audio file, but if we add an video file to Audio Line, we need to right click the video file and select "Create Waveform data" to get this view.
    • Now we can edit audio channel data directly, such as, keep only left channel, keep only right channel, exchange audio channel, mix audio channels, move left channel to right, move right channel to left, etc.
    • Now we can directly rotate the Overlay Videos or Images in the right upper preview window.
    • Now we can directly Crop image files in the Overlay line.
    • Improve the "Timeline" view, now it's the easier to adjust the size of Timeline area, and the height of each Line.
    • Improve the editing menu, now we can find out the right function easier and faster.
    • By default, the program will use "Keep Ratio" mode when add videos or images.
    • Fixed reported bugs.

    What is new in version 5.15:

    Version 5.15

    • New four "Paragraphs Ex" styles in Lyric Maker module.
    • Now, we can easy to limit the display area of all lyrics by setting "Limit Area" option in Lyric Maker module.
    • Fixed bug - sometimes the video and audio be not sync.
    • Fixed bug - sometimes the chroma key function be unavailable.
    • Fixed bug - some special images be blurred after rendered.

    What is new in version 5.12:

    Version 5.12:

    • With new H.264 Encode Engine, we can easy to increase the compression of H.264 by increase P and B frames.
    • New styles in Lyric Maker module, "Paragraphs" and "3D Paragraphs", and now we can add "Bouncing Object" when using "Paragraphs" style.
    • Now, we can easy to customize the position of each word, sentence, paragraphs in Lyric Maker Module when using "Word By Word" or "Paragraphs", that will help us get cool layout of the Lyrics easily.
    • Now, we can double click Overlay Line to add cool "Audio VU Meter".
    • Now, we can easy to set the Thumbnail(Key Frame) of each face within "3D Group Effect" module.
    • Now, we added EasyPlayer into the program, it's an Easy-to-use media player, supports all popular video and audio formats, that will help us easy to enjoy the created wonderful video.

    What is new in version 5.05:

    Easy Video Maker Version 5.05:

    • v5.05 Fixed bug - Sometimes the Video and Audio out of sync.
    • v5.x New - Entirely new Engine, more stable and faster.
    • v5.x New - It's easy to Take Snapshots of video. Just need to add video clip into Video Line, then right click it and select "Take Snapshots" to select the favorite moments with just few clicks.
    • v5.x New - with new "3D Group Effect" module, we can easy to make multiple video clips or images as a Group, then add cool 3D Group Effects onto this Group, that will help us easy to create cool 3D videos.
    • v5.x New - with new "Color Adjust" module, we can easy to beautify videos or images, easy to adjust color, hue, saturation, brightnewss, contrast, etc.
    • v5.x New - Now, Supports MAX 12 Overlay lines, MAX 4 Audio lines, and MAX 6 Text lines, that's most powerful.
    • v5.x New - with new "Overlay Layout" module, we can easy to put each Overlay video/image to right position quickly.
    • v5.x New - Now, The program can keep the Audios of Overlay Lines directly.
    • v5.x New - Now, The target format supports MKV format.

    What is new in version 3.15:

    Version 3.15:

    • Now we can directly draw lyrics in Lyric Maker, like draw Graffiti.
    • Now we can change the brush when draw Graffiti.
    • Fixed bug - Can't render to wmv format if no audio data.
    • Fixed bug - 3D MODE has black line on some special circumstances.
    • Fixed bug - Can't import lyrics from txt file, if the txt file has special unicode characteres in file name or file directory.
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    Supported Operating Systems:
    Windows 10 |  Windows 7 |  Windows 8 |  Windows Vista |  Windows XP | 

    Comments on Easy Video Maker:

    mut piseth:
    it very good software for me

    Date: 30 Nov 16



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